Why are the event logs not overwriting as needed?

By leonc71 ·
Some of our servers' event logs are exceeding the maximum size even though they are set to "overwrite events as need". Can anyone please explain why this may happen? Shouldn't they be overwritten on the fly? Thanks!

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Have you tried to reset (reapply) the setting?

You might need to reapply the setting(s) for the server to recognize the setting. Sometimes computers forget their instructions, so you have to re-teach it.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Resetting the settings doesn't work

by leonc71 In reply to Have you tried to reset ( ...

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately it doesn't work. i tried it on several servers. I might just have to clear the logs manually.

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technet link

by leonc71 In reply to Check out this link

Thanks for that mate. Don't know if it will help me solve this issue but certainly some useful info there.

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Let us

by Jacky Howe In reply to technet link

know how you get on.

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Clearing event logs does not help

by leonc71 In reply to Let us

I manually cleared the logs but they still eventually build again and overflow. I have checked with the Infrastructure team here and they confirm the GPO is set correctly. So, still looking into this...

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