why are there two AVP.exe process ?kaspersky problem

By vanbinh.nguyen ·
Our server is running Windows server 2003 R2 standard and Kaspersky 6.0 for windows server.
I checked in Task Manager and I found out two
AVP.exe process are always run. Anyone know why are there the two process run parallelly?
does it harm to our server?

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Apparently it's normal

by Jacky Howe In reply to why are there two AVP.exe ...

you should see two avp.exe proccesses, one is the service and the other is for the gui. I don't think that it will do any harm.

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avp.exe proccesses

by vanbinh.nguyen In reply to Apparently it's normal

Thank alot, but dual avp.exe process running take many memory and if a client PC was installed Kaspersky, there is only one AVP.EXE process.What is the GUI?can I stop it ?

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Sure you can

by Jacky Howe In reply to avp.exe proccesses

just use another AV.

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GUI of kaspersky

by vanbinh.nguyen In reply to Sure you can

You are fun,Jacky. To by another AV for server, it take a lot of money.
Can you explain to me about GUI Of kaspersky?
What's that?

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From what I have been able to gather

by Jacky Howe In reply to GUI of kaspersky

One instance will be running under the User name which will be the GUI interface. The GUI is where you setup the environment.
The other instance will be running as a Service. There could be more instances of AVP.exe running during a scan.

As a user of Kasperspy you should be able to contact their help desk if you are having problems.

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Thank you, Jacky

by vanbinh.nguyen In reply to From what I have been abl ...

I understood GUI.
Thank for your support, Jacky Howe.
would you like to becom my YM friend ?
please give me your YM nick, my nick is

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I prefer to keep

by Jacky Howe In reply to Thank you, Jacky

a low profile at my age and I'm not into messaging. But I'm always open to an email chat. That way I get time to water the veges.

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