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Why are these people allowed to

By jschein ·
Ok, I've assisted many people here with there problems. But as of Lately, almost everyone uses your solution and BAM, they withdraw the question... Without assigning the points. I'm not here for the points, but they are an incentive when you answer to tough questions (i.e. 500 points to troubleshoot a network connectivity issue rather 100).

If someone in the Tech Republic side of the house can remedy this or explain how you allow this to happen, I will give you 500 points.

If you are silent, fine.

Anyone outside of tech republic whomever has the best rebuttal or agreement, will get the 500 points... I WILL NOT WITHDRAW MY ANSWER.


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by SyscoKid In reply to Why are these people allo ...

Interesting. I got a notification that my answer had been rated. I clicked the link and it said the thread was withdrawn.

BUT! I noticed my points had increased. So I went to the My Questions link and viewed the question there. I was able to view it and found that my answer had been accepted.

Try viewing yours from My Questions. I don't think a question that has been answered can be withdrawn. Maybe it's a glitch from the recent site update.

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by jschein In reply to

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by DS9 In reply to Why are these people allo ...

First, I agree with you in the fact that we have had an increase in the number of Deadbeats. To many users and not enough givers. !!!

I would propose that:

#1 - The Questioner mat at anytime increase the number of points offered. However, he/she MAY NOT decrease them. Once offered, they MUST be rewarded to someone who posted an answer. That is, if there are no ACCEPTED answers, the the question CAN NOT be closed.

#2 - If after some number of days, 30-60 perhaps,
NO answer has been rated as accepted, then the points be divided among the answerers in a prorated method. If NO answers, then Tech Republic adds them to the Tach point pool.

Either way, you ask a question, YOUR POINTS ARE GONE.!


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by jschein In reply to

Good input, congrats,... 500 points free to use

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by DKlippert In reply to Why are these people allo ...

I've noticed the "withdraw" problem, as well. I find that my browser must be open for the link to work. If it is closed, only part of the URL is sent. Click on the link a second time with the browser running, and it works.
I don't have a good answer to the problem, I think in most cases it's the fault of the interface. The questioner does not intend to leave without awarding points. I also am a little uneasy about awarding points to everyone, if all of their answers are wrong!
So, the debate continues.

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by jschein In reply to

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by jschein In reply to Why are these people allo ...

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