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Why are vendors demanding WinXP?

By jdclyde ·
What could possibly be worse than buying a product and missing the fine print about requirements? That it isn't a speed requirement, but an OS requirement.

Bought my boys each an MP3 player. Chose not to go with an Ipod.

We get up Christmas morning, and they see they each have a 512M MP3 player and are geeked!

The problems start when we try to fire this pig up. Great, they system requirements are incompatable with my boys PC. Too slow? Not enough memory? Not enough free disk space? WRONG. It HAS to have WinXPsp1 or higher. What crap is this? And what in the world would have ever made me think for a second that this piece of crap would not run as a simple USB flash drive?

Will I EVER again purchace anything from ? You can bet your LIFE I will not, and I will strongly recommend against it to anyone I see.

Got the T30 model.

What are you thinking iRiver? Locking yourself to an operating system?

Now I get to look for a hack to get this friggen pig to work on win2k or setup a XP partition just so we can do mp3's.

I wonder if linux would work with this? Have been meaning to setup a linux desktop at home after the holidays, and if it will work for these devices then that would be all the kick in the a$$ I need!

Well, off to research what it will take to get these going. Anyone got any ideas?

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it might,

by Jaqui In reply to Why are vendors demanding ...

try connectiong to a linux box and check the usb connection with usb view.

if it recognises the device then it will work.

it should, an mp3 player is little more than a player on a rom chip and a hard drive to store mp3s on. the only issue might be it using ntfs for the data storage.

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Time to load one up

by jdclyde In reply to it might,

Got a PIII sitting around, so I guess it is time to load it up.

If I want a simple version to get my boys indoctrinated, which would you recommend?

Will worry about doing a "real" install for in a few months when my schedule opens up more. For now I need something to just load and go, with web and music. Would be nice if it would play Diablo2 but that isn't a requirement yet. Just need to get the MP3 players going. That is the SOLE purpose of this install to start with. Need to be up and going by next weekend when the boys come back from their female parental units place. I would HATE to have to load XP just to run MP3s. What a STUPID reason to load it.

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a good starter

by Jaqui In reply to Time to load one up


debian based, has full access to the .deb package repositories, and best chance of getting drivers for most hardware.

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by jdclyde In reply to a good starter

will start the downloading!

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Good choice

by nighthawk808 In reply to a good starter

I was going to recommend Xandros, too, but you beat me to it. Xandros (and Linspire) is probably as close as Linux will ever get to having a Windoesn't XP clone. It even crashes every once in a while for the "Genuine Windows Advantage".

However, I'd like to extend that recommendation a bit and suggest that in a year or two, once they gain a feel for Linux, that they graduate to the real Debian, or at least Kubuntu. Maybe I'm being snobby and elitist here, but Xandros's real purpose (and one at which it shines) is to transition people gently into the world of Linux. To me, it's a bit like a cocoon: it's where you spend your time when you're changing from an old Windows worm into a soaring Linux butterfly. It's good while you're making the metamorphosis, but if you never shed it eventually, you'll never fly either.

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have to start somewhere

by jdclyde In reply to Good choice

I have been working with linux for seven years now, but it has all been server side, from a command. My start was SCO unix openserver and added in Redhat.

Been intending to do the desktop thing soon, this just pushes my hand.

As for the boys, this will be a good start just to get them used to the idea of life beyond windoze. Next would be to get them to install themselves. Then go to the next level of linux.

I see using SuSE at work, so that will be one to get loaded soon too.


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Don't forget xmms or mplayer (and grip)

by jmgarvin In reply to have to start somewhere

I love xmms (a lot of people hate it) or mplayer (clunky GUI, but sweet command line interface). Grip is great for ripping (via Lame)

If (IIRC) that MP3 player uses MPA format (native on it) you should be set.

I'm not a MP3 player expert, but I do know that they are mostly plug and play USB devices that are basically USB drives that encode the data in an audio format (eg MPA)...Anyway, good luck and let us know if they work in Linux

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not linspire..

by Jaqui In reply to Good choice

that was lindows, and I really wasn't impressed with it.

Xandros is targeted at new to linux users, as is Vector, ubuntu, kubuntu and a number of others.
vector is slakware based, and has 2 issues with the install that are really show stoppers for newbies.
[ doesn't remember x-config data, and doesn't give any info about password limitations they have for root password, like they do not support pass phrases, the space character is illegal character. ]
I haven't looked at Ubuntu or Kubuntu.or yellowdog.... [ huge list here ] so I can't actually honestly suggest them.

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I agree.

by nighthawk808 In reply to not linspire..

That's why I didn't recommend Linspire, I just pointed out that it is about as close to a clone of Windoesn't XP as you're likely to get. Sorry if I was a bit confusing about it. I'm not sure being compared favorably to XP is a compliment. If it is, it's a compliment like, "Hey, tubby, you're not quite as fat as you used to be!"

I don't particularly care for Xandros, either, but it is very good at being a balance between the brain-dead simplicity of Windows and the power and functionality of Linux. That seems to be its target, and it has done a pretty good job hitting it.

Of all the Debians that aren't Debian, I think Kubuntu stands out. Ubuntu is nice, but I've grown to like KDE more and more over time. I find myself hardly ever using GNOME anymore. While Ubuntu/Kubuntu succeeds on its marketing as "Linux for humans" and all that crap, it's not as toy-like as Xandros, either. It's definitely worth a look.

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by Jaqui In reply to I agree.

I'll stick with lfs. ]:)
I like having to compile everything from sources, gives me more control over what is on the system and how it works.

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