Why are you trying to rip Aussie's off?

By briddett ·
Just noticed that the price for products in AUD is more expensive than in USD. This is despite the Australian dollar being worth more?

Currently 1 AUD = 1.03 USD
So the rate on todays calculations should be:
100.00 USD = 96.6088 AUD

So I would have expected the rates to be adjusted accordingly. Instead I find the price has gone up?

I was going to purchase a product quoted at $99 USD - the converted price you have is 105.22 AUD

If I work this backwards then you are charging me $101.63 AUD
105.22 USD = 101.630 AUD

For a downloadable book? Which means in real terms I am paying:
101.63 - 96.60 = $5.03 in real terms


As an IT trainer I have been recommending this site and it's products for years...but.... guess what...not any longer. There is no justification that I know of for charging me more for a downloadable product especially when the dollar is in my favour.

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Well at a guess I would say that the price quoted

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why are you trying to rip ...

Includes the price of processing the purchase. International Orders are always more expensive than Domestic Orders even taking into account the current Exchange rate. Unfortunately on every occasion it's not the person/company selling the whatever but the Company Processing the Cash Transfer. With International Purchases there is the cost of converting the money from in this case AU$ to US$ and there is also the cost of actually transferring the money over international borders.

As I currently understand things it's only Pay Pal that doesn't include these costs but everyone else meaning the Banks and Credit Card Companies charge like a wounded bull for every transaction.

When you buy Domestically the Selling Merchant carries the % Cost of the sale that goes to the Credit Card Companies and they also loose everything if the card is reported Stolen/Lost and the Credit Card Companies carry no responsibility/risk.

But as I have absolutely no idea what you want to purchase or from who that's my best guess.


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Because that's the price the market will bare

by Slayer_ In reply to Why are you trying to rip ...

That's the standard BS you will get to this question. Big global companies are surprisingly stupid when it comes to pricing and adapting to change.

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Reponse To Answer

Are you sure big global companies are "stupid"? Appears to me they
are taking advantage of every loop-hole they can find to nickle and
dime conusmers out of more money. Not stupid, just greedy.

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Reponse To Answer

by Slayer_ In reply to Because that's the price ...

Imagine how many more customers they would have if they charged a fair price.

I see it all the time with US companies, they frequently charge Canadians 40 to 60% more because our dollar USED to be worth less, but since the American dollar plummeted, ours is worth more. But they still charge those steep prices, as a result, retailers here have gone under as people just cross the border to shop. It's not the retailers fault, its the manufacturer.

In some areas its finally starting to stabilize, but big ticket items like cars, motorhomes, etc, are still way cheaper.

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Reponse To Answer

by Slayer_ In reply to Because that's the price ...

A&W is a very recent example, for years they have priced themselves out of the market, and they have suffered for it, even the lunch crowd for an A&W is only a few people.
Their new buddy burgers are selling much better because they are cheaper. And yet they are still priced too high, if they would drop the price by another dollar (which would still make it the most expensive value burger) it would be much more competitive.

It seems companies have forgotten the old balance between sales and price, the higher the price, the less sales, and you need to find the happy middle that maximizes profit.

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by synapseE In reply to Why are you trying to rip ...

Buy it with US Dollars, then. Most shopping cart software I've seen uses a table for conversion, and not the current daily rate. The rates should be updated, but big companies are better at playing the "not my job to do it" ignorant role. That's the new American motto. Only do your job, what you're told, and know your role. Don't go thinking. We don't promote that in the workplace. Just show up, be lazy, and collect your pay.

I agree. The rates should be fair. Especially for something digital! But the world.. it is not fair. And Aussies have too much sense and not enough economic recession. US Corps are squeezing for profits til they die.

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Reponse To Answer

by Slayer_ In reply to Use USD

How else can the CEO get his bonus?

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Because of Foster's beer!

by bobc4012 In reply to Why are you trying to rip ...

Probably in retaliation for Foster advertising in the US as Australia's no. 1 beer! (Ad - "Fosters - Australian for beer") :)

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Because of Foster's beer!

That is so reasonable I can see no reason to dispute it. Though I personally would have thought it should result is at least tripling the price not just so little a increase.


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by briddett In reply to Why are you trying to rip ...

I appreciate the comments... re the % charged to cover credit card fees - 99% of retailers will build this cost in especially online traders.

I might try paying in USD as an option

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