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Why aren't corporations taking training seriously any more?

I've been a software trainer for over 16 years and have been a part of lay offs due to corporations not feeling they need professional trainers. I've seen IT training suffer because so many companies think they can just use non-trainers to deliver training. I understand training depts don't generate revenue, but most likely cost companies so when it's time to cut budgets training is one of the departments to go first. But I see how it makes for poor training because there really is an art to training and just because you know something doesn't mean you can train it. This equals ineffective and boring training classes. Everything is going to self-service, online training, thus the day of on-site trainers to serve the company are almost non-existent now. End-users are hurting without any support or training for technical skills. So how do you get corporations to buy into quality training and stop just looking at budgets. Poor training will result in employees who will produce errors which can be costly in the end to corporations.

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