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Why Battle Mecha AREN'T a totally stupid idea

By TheBacktalker5000 ·
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Listen, robots arent all impractical, it depends on the scenario and exactly what model you are using. yes, a gundam is a total waste of time and money, considering its more effective to use the money to buy that many soldiers instead, which using stuff like RPG's could probably take down a Gundam anyway, rendering the whole thing useless.

"wait this isnt a pro-robot arguement"

shut up

HOWEVER! gundams were created in their world as an answer to other giant mecha which somehow became more effective than a mechas worth of soldiers. It which case, developing giant robots to combat giant robots where conventional methods arent working is the most logical solution. In todays world however, there is not need and a gundam is ridiculous

that doesnt mean the idea of a giant (as in, fairly large) mecha is out of the question

take: Code Geass Knightmare Frames or Front Mission Evolved Wanzers = the Knightmares were developed by Brittania as a means to take Japan quickly and efficiently without drawing out a long war and causing too much collateral, because the Japanese controlled 70% of the worlds new super-fuel, making an extended war of attrition with japan impossible. Hence, the construction of Knightmare frames: large humanoid mecha about the height of 2 or 3 fairly tall men, that use speed as their main advantage. Yes, they are bipedal, but they don't really walk, because thats slow. Instead, they use landspinners: kinda like roller skates attatched to the back of the feet that can be raised and lowered according to when needed. Using these, they can scale up two adjacent buildings and move much faster than people or other armoured vehicles, and are better used for surgical strikes and resolving quick battles using surprise as their main weapon, whilst also using very destructive weaponry due to their size, making them effective battle robots. However, they arent designed for large scale battles (and anyway Knightmare frames arent the best example, since they are powered by a super fuel that doesnt exist) - however, if they used normal fuels today (provided we have enough) they would have only a few minutes operational time, even more emphasising their effectiveness only as surgical strikers, reconaissance, battlefield support, etc. they would also have a similar morale effect as tanks, and probably be more effective in small-scale combat than a tanks anyway

then, there are the Front Mission Evolved Wanzers: similar in size to the Knightmare frames and also use skates to move quickly, but are capable of walking very slowly as well (about the walking pace of a normal person) on bipedal legs. they can also be outfitted with different parts and equipment depending on the situation, like four-legs for all terrain and heavy assault configurations, and hover-decks for traversing water. Highly unconventional in wars of attrition or large scale combat, but unmatched in resolving border skirmishes quickly, especially in cold-war like scenarios. Basic weapons include small assault rifles, small machine guns, sniper rifles, missile launchers, club-like melee weapons for meta impact and various, small shoulder mounted weapons like the stuff attatched to helicopters like the Little Bird. they are piloted by a single person (like Knightmare frames) are faster than most land-based vehicles and larger boats thanks to skates and hover-decks (hover decks are like hovercraft) and to top it off, they cannot carry more weight that the energy output allows. it is also likely they could use combat knives and wristblades for other, non-military purposes like cutting trees, ropes, etc, rather than actual combat.

So really, the Wanzer is more like a fast, maneuverable weapons platform rather than a gundam-like mecha, designed for resolving quick skirmishes, destroying targets and providing battlefield support. They could also be equipped with shields (not force fields, actual shields) that could absorb ordnance and small arms fire and protect the Wanzer for a short time before being destroyed, leaving the wanzer itself as vulnerable to the same stuff as before: small arms fire, not a problem. ordnance: use speed to avoid, but being hit probably won't disable it.

In short, smaller, lighter, faster mechas are more likely over actual gundam-style mechas (though it would be really cool) and would never be used as real large-scale battle combat machines, especially in place of soldiers. they would also need sand panels for desert terrain, but in a place like the middle east, where there is nothing but small-scale battles frequently, Knightmare frame or Wanzer style mechs would rule the battlefield.

Further, the idea of a single Deus ex Machina gundam hopping, skipping and jumping (especially jumping) around the battle field destroying everything with lightsabers is some messed up acid-induced fantasy if you intend to use it for real life. First off, jumping is out of the question. leaping into the air is not so much the problem as landing: which would break the robots legs without some serious suspension. second, nothing is that tough. one good hit with a tank-killing rocket or ballistic missile, or seeking missile, and its all over. theres also the matter of fuelling the robot, and dont get me started on lightsabers, especially at the size we're talking about.

hands are an issue, but the need for hands isnt so much as holding or climbing stuff since it probably isnt necessary. However, if a robot like a Wanzer with attatched weapons runs out of ammo or has its arm broken off or its weapon damaged, its screwed, with no more weapon capabilites and is basically a walking target. With even basic hands however, it can drop the weapon and get a new one, improvise or pick up ammunition. Non military purposes include delicate manipulation and heavy lifting, as well as opening doors that say "pull" and those dont necessarily require hands as intricate as a gundam's, but they DO require basic hands.

I think i covered everything.....

except cost

okay, smaller, lightweight mecha like a Wanzer, using lightweight weapons are obviously fairly cheap compared to a fully operational, weapons capable gundam, and probably about the same cost as a few modern tanks or fighter jets, and very few are needed for their purpose: no more than three would be needed for any mission a robot like that would be required to handle, and provided there are no problems and they make it back safely, they can be deployed somewhere else without any difficulty with maybe a few minor repairs. They also inflict morale damage on enemy soldiers to see a towering giant robot skating towards them at high speeds. ( i say giant, probably no higher than a small, two storey house... maybe not even that) and boost morale for allies.

In the long run, even a small number of Knightmare or Wanzer style mechas would be cost effective, because it is very likely they could quickly resolve the war in the middle east with quick strikes and battlefield support, and save lives. The control systems both are based on dual-joystick and control panel functions with voice-controlled functions too for the pilots, so there isnt some uber-expensive Avatar stuff necessary for controls (as for cockpit size, the Knightmare frames cockpit sticks out at the back, which is why the landspinners also stick out backwards, so it accomodates a person, and Wanzer's torso unit houses the cockpit and energy supply and the head and backup cameras, so they are fairly large but can be lightweight and their four leg configuration can house further energy output devices and support more weight)

So, the conclusion is, Gundams are ridiculous, Wanzers are perfect
mechas arent stupid, they are in fact necessary for the battles of the modern world
(a bold statement, and probably not necessary, but would be extremely helpful.)

Wanzer: Although wanzers were initially used as land-based weapons, their uses have expanded to underwater, air, and as of Front Mission Evolved, in space as well. Although it's a versatile weapons platform, wanzers are not strong enough to handle armed forces alone. Therefore, militaries tend to train wanzer pilots to operate together and work with other weapons platforms. Very rarely are wanzers used alone as they can be surrounded and taken down through guerrilla tactics.

the wanzer is generally depicted to consist of a body part, left and right arm parts, and leg parts. Wanzers, which are 20% bigger than WAWs, tend to be around 5.5 meters tall, and weigh roughly 25 tons. As they are mass-produced, many types of wanzers have varying combat roles on the battlefield.

Knightmare Frame: Knightmare Frames are all robots but often have a humanoid shape and are usually between four to six meters (about 13 to 20 feet) tall. In addition to the standard range of bipedal movement, Knightmare Frames are equipped with Landspinners, self-propelled roller skates attached to the ankles of the machines, which allow them to achieve high mobility and speeds on most terrain.[1] Visual data is gathered through Factsphere sensors, which have thermographic capability and an array of other data-collection functions which are collated in real-time. Factspheres are commonly protected under a layer of armor which can be retracted to improve system sensitivity. Knightmare Frames are piloted from a cockpit set in the protruding 'hump back' of the unit. The cockpit is a self-contained control center which can be ejected in case of emergency.

Knightmare Frames are typically armed with wired rocket anchors called Slash Harkens and a number of other weapons. Mass-production models usually carry handheld rifles and a number of Chaos Grenades, cylindrical air burst grenades that spray deadly shrapnel over a specific area.

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by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Why Battle Mecha AREN'T a ...

What pills are you taking?
You are missing some.

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by TheBacktalker5000 In reply to Mmmm.......

read the whole thing

i know i made some good points

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What is a Wanzer???

by Slayer_ In reply to Why Battle Mecha AREN'T a ...

Also, those roller blade things wouldn't work well in the desert sand.

I still say Battletech Battlemechs are the most likely technology, and most practical of giant robot fighting machines.

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No idea... Walking Panzer?

by AnsuGisalas In reply to What is a Wanzer???

Waltzing Can of Z'er?
No idea.

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dont take the ****

by TheBacktalker5000 In reply to No idea... Walking Panzer ...

look up Front Mission Evolved wanzers

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Frissed Melvont Voion Panzies?

by AnsuGisalas In reply to dont take the piss

Google throws up it's hands and sighs.

In other words, SEHW - Somebody Else's Homework.

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"dont take the ****"??........COOLDOWN TheBacktalker5000...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to dont take the piss

It was only a joke for goodness sake. Now you are making yourself look really stupid and idiotic with that "dont take the ****" comment.

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Now with votes...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to "dont take the piss& ...

starting to sound familiar, or what do you think?

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No way!

by NexS In reply to What is a Wanzer???

I'm waiting for the Evangelion mechs to come out.

Aother positive is that the smaller ones would then be less expensive.

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by TheBacktalker5000 In reply to No way!

smaller is better

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