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Why bother mailing ISPs with portscans

By mark rowlands ·
I have a broadband connection at home and after reading all the press about
evil wiley hackers I installed a firewall. Last month, I rounded up the
logs and pickd outthe top 5 offenders (by Service provider) and mailed them logs with timestamps /ip addresses dns lookups netbios lookups the works! Now admittedly most of the activity was script kiddy portscanning but a check of the ISP's terms of service usually described that as "inappropriate activity" which could lead to suspension of youraccount but there were one or two more creative attempts.
So how may responses ....close... 2. UUNET were the only one that said that they had done anything, and Deutsche Telekom "passed the information to the relevant party" - at least thats what I think they meant. It seems the ISP's don't really care what their customers are up to so hack away kiddies

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ISP's do care

by jwinter In reply to Why bother mailing ISPs w ...

I currently work for an ISP/ASP. I would tend to disagree for the most part on this issue. Our organization does care, and if notified by customer email, the issue is explored and appropriate requests made to other ISP's to deal with a individual performing inappropriate activity.

I would say a lot of ISP's would care, as any activity along this line usually leads to spamming and other activities. Spamming and port scanning are activities that tend to generate an entry into a MAPS RSS database or similar entity. Once this happens, customers tend to experience problems sending emails to their friend who reside with an ISP that uses these entity's to help weed out spammers.

So it is in their best interests to care. Any ISP who doesn't appear to care, will more than likely not appear to be there in the future, as customers will move to those competitors that stay on top of these issues.

Keep in mind that this would be classed a security issue, and there are alot of organizations who are way behind when it comes to dealing with security issues. Usually because their under staff. This is my personal opinion has I've experienced to date.

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