Why browser keep asking for username and password no matter what website?

By ddlee ·
When attempting to go to any website, a pop up window would show and say something like "The server http://websitename requires authentication....", and below it there is the username and password field for you to type in.
If I click on cancel, it would give a 404 error or 'cannot access resources', depending one what browser I use.
It's this way with IE8, Chrome, and Firefox. I've scanned the pc with malwarebytes and avg 2011 free a few times. First couple of times it found viruses/malware and I kept deleting them and rescanning till no other viruses/malwares were found.
Anyone have any idea?

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Have you scanned the unit in Safe Mode?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why browser keep asking f ...

If not then the system isn't yet clean.


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Reponse To Answer

by ddlee In reply to Have you scanned the unit ...

I haven't done safe mode scan yet.
But now I notice it's like this on all the PCs in our network. Could the settings of the router be changed without me knowing?

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Hi ddlee, are you connecting through a router?

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Why browser keep asking f ...

If so then it is the router that is asking for your password and username, though it could be your ISP internet connection that is asking for this but very unlikely.
Due to many different makes and configurations all you need to do is just type in (for example):
Username: (you might not be able to change this on some routers)
admin (permanent on Asus's routers)
root (permanent on Buffalo's routers)

password (the default password setup of Buffalo's of which you need to change for security)
admin (the default for some of Asus's routers of which you need to change for security)
(or the password that you have given/changed on the router)
You might need to either read your manual that came with your router or download the manual from the makers website such as Asus or Buffalo to see what username or password they have made permanent onto the routers system.
Basically all you need to do is to input your password then just put a tick in the box where it says "remember password" or something similar. All the router is asking for is clarification for the connection between your computers router and the internet, though i could be wrong and you could have some virus/malware doing a dirty on you.

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my 2cp

by komputerguy In reply to Why browser keep asking f ...

Try adding the website you're trying to access, to your "trusted sites" list in IE.

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Authentication required

by olsenbanden2 In reply to Why browser keep asking f ...

Are you on a network with proxy authentication?
Are your provider using PPPOE?

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I'm thinking it's the router?

by ddlee In reply to Why browser keep asking f ...

Deleted all virus/malware when scanned in safe mode.

Peconet - I have a feeling it's the router. However I'm not sure what router it is. It's just a black square box with 1 port Internet, 1 port LAN, 1 port DMZ, and 2 ports USB, When I opened it up, it had a wireless card and a 40 gig IDE 2.5" hard drive. The router is not branded but does have a label having pfsense. I tried accessing the pfsense GUI but don't know the password (it was already set up when I started working here).
Every pc on the network gives the error of limiting port:80 when browsing to anysite. I'm just assuming the router is the one blocking since it's happening on every pc.

komputerguy - I've tried that but still doesn't work. And I don't think I'm up to adding all the sites that every user visits to the 'trusted sites' list and then doing it on every computer on the network.

olsenbanden2 - We don't use a proxy and we have a static IP.

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is this a "real router" or an ancient system configured as one?

by Who Am I Really In reply to Why browser keep asking f ...

from your description it sounds like an old P1 or P2 box that someone setup as a router

which is what PFSense is,
- BSD configured to be used as a router.

here's the installation guide for PFSense:


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