Why Buy Another 32 Bit OS?

By larryrodriguez ·
I was looking forward to the new Vista O/S until I found out that it does NOT support 64-bit processing!!!???!!! If this is the case, then why not stay with Windows 64 (if the driver issues are mitigated)? Windows 64 has been running fine on my workstations and the o/s runs faster than windows XP.

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As per usual

by Jesus_C In reply to Why Buy Another 32 Bit OS ...

It does from the pro version up.But i would not buy yet until it is tested out on the field.It's early day's

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What are you talking about Windows 64-bit OK

by Steve_100 In reply to Why Buy Another 32 Bit OS ...

Windows 64 bit has ton of problems... Oracle.. SQL... DB2... Access.. all Sux due to microsoft not rembering to test ODBC conections. Then the Security on the OS is over kill if you can't sign application or scripts to run on you PC with out prompt. Anit-virus makers are only making version for businesses to scan the windows 64-bit not for standerd users. The Remote control pice of XP was also broken and not one has fixed that. should i realy have to go on?

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MS Access 2003 works fine

by larryrodriguez In reply to What are you talking abou ...

I had MS Access working fine on Windows 64 XP. I don't know about Vista 64 and have not used the other db packs you mention so in that area I don't have a history. As for Anti-Virus, I am using Secure Resolutions and it works fine. My issue continues to be....

We have 64 bit hardware for over three years now but have not had an o/s to take full advantage of this hardware. If M/S would force the issue with a 64 O/S, I think we would see a faster migration to 64 bit processing. We went through this in Windows NT when we moved from 16 to 32. A lot of programs and hardware needed to be upgraded to support the new O/S. In the end, the pain was worth it as the problems got fixed and new hardware was installed. I was hoping that Vista would be done the same way. Wrong.

For someone with DB background, I am sure you would be happy once the O/S embraces the 64 bit structure. Access times would improve significantly and a more robust hardware would finally be utilized. otw, you can keep using 386 machines and the users would have no reason to upgrade (and your support for older pcs would continue).

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