Why can access my work computer with a paid service VPN, but not with my windows connection VPN?

By mathisdispatch ·
Please help me run my database software on my work computer from home for free.

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not sure i understand

by markp24 In reply to Why can access my work co ...


are you provided with a VPN from yoru IT group and you prefer to use the built in Microsoft one?
If so you really need to use the one provided by IT as the security profile would need to match.
If you just want to remote into your PC you can use,,, etc
but you better ensure thats ok to with the It dept and the company policies before you attempt to try that.

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Reponse To Answer

by robo_dev In reply to not sure i understand

Plus the fact that it won't work. Typically firewall rules would prevent a user from firing up a VPN application on a desktop PC. The reason the paid services work is because the IT folks put in firewall rules to make it work.

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Reponse To Answer

by mathisdispatch In reply to not sure i understand

Thanks for your reponse, because now I understand that my firewall is stopping me from being able to VPN into my work PC. What if I wanted to access my home computer with no company policies via VPN from an internet cafe with wifi? Is there a simple way to share a folder on my hard drive and use it from another location? I prefer it be in Windows Explorer, because I want to update records on my database software that saves the information on the home computer folder.

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For file sharing - look into

by markp24 In reply to Why can access my work co ...


you can look into a program called Dropbox or skydrive, etc for accessing files offsite without using VPN. But Again you mmust chek with your IT group forst to ensure you are within the companies policy, as you can get in serious trouble for breaking the company security policies.

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I feel your pain. Consider easier database

by Frank Hale In reply to Why can access my work co ...

I too have worked for years to achieve access to a PC, that lives at home, from an office or from the road. I have used GotomyPC, timbuktu, pcanywhere and various other software and/or services. I've also used remote drives and VPN. Technically you should be able to set up a VPN connection to your own computer. Forget about the IT cops, unless you are passing through their territory. If you are, assume the kneeling posture and begin begging. If not, you are on your own. I ran VPNs for years, then one night an uninvited "update" stopped it from working. It's been several years and I have been unable to restore it.
I have two work arounds. I use FileMakerPro database, which carries its own IP protocol provisions and does a very good making itself available to your local network. Telling your router/firewall to allow the proper port number to pass through and then routing it to the target PC/mac works great.
If you want fuller control of the desk top, you can take another run at VPN. Chat with Microsoft tech support then call a bunch of overseas tech support groups. If you succeed, please tell me how. If not, GoToMyPc is a relatively easy service to configure. It will cost you about $20 per month. You can allow the account to lapse when you are in town and then renew it during vacation time. And it works well, but it a continuously, monthly drip. It also gets through most router-firewalls without effort.
PC Anywhere is a great a application. You do have to configure your router to let it in. But once you buy it, you own it and continue to use it. Timbuktu is a similar application with its roots in the Mac world.
In summary, VPN was a nice theory, but I suspect it got hijacked on the road to corporate profitability. Monthly services are easy. But expensive. Find a software pack that you can own and keep. Then shut off it's auto updates.

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