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Why can I be banned from commenting with no recourse (or even why)?

Why can I be banned from commenting with no recourse (or even why as I dont use bad language)? If I say "I hate the C programming language.", is that bad for the use of "Hate"? If I say "You made an error", is that banned?

There is no recourse and no reason. There should be a challenge opportunity. I will be banning TechRepublic from my reading.
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The most common cause of being banned is spam

Links to sites for downloading warez, fake cures, self-advertising. Just about any link to an external site will get your post removed. Those along with hate speech, racism, attacks on others as well can get a poster banned. If you feel you have been wrongfully banned, I can examine the post(s), but would need the name you posted under to find them.

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So what do I do to get you to review my ban?

by garylcamp In reply to The most common cause of ...

You should have my info in your access to solving my problem. I do not want to give that to this open post. Also, I have no idea what caused my ban as nothing was sent me except I was banned by Techrepublic on Discus. Hopefully you have access to my recent comments and the banning.

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Were you banned on Disqus?

Or was it here in the Forums? The two are separate databases. Disqus is a bit difficult for me to manage, and I have lots of trouble myself even posting comments to articles.
The Forums I can handle if I know the nickname you posted under, since the one you are using now is obviously not banned! All I need at the moment is the nickname, maybe the date you posted, and I can take it from there.
Also, I apologize for the difficulties you have experienced, I'm more than willing to help resolve this issue.

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I've looked at your public profile,

and I can't see anything on it, even checked the comments to the article on "Most hated programming languages", it's still there! (Basic was kind of fun, wasn't it, lol) I may have to escalate this on up the chain of command ( I have a couple of friends in low places, hehe ). Bear with me, I know how frustrating it can be and I for one appreciate your bringing this to our attention. That said, it may take longer than usual since everything is scrambled with responses to COVID-19. My job is considered essential, but we are working fewer hours with minimal contact with fellow workers. As a community volunteer at TechRepublic, I'll keep working to make our site enjoyable and informative for our valued members.

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I have forwarded this issue

to our Community Manager. If you desire, you can "follow" me and send a private message (just click on my name above),
I've already followed you so I'll be able to answer. Hopefully with both of us looking into this problem, we can resolve it.
Thank you for your patience! Stay safe and healthy!

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Thanks and stay safe too.

by garylcamp In reply to I have forwarded this iss ...

I appreciate your help in this troubling time. What a mess. I read and comment on many things that interest me (computers, Science, SpaceX, etc) to keep my mind off the bad stuff so it was a shock to be banned. I am not banned from Discus which I use a lot. I remember possibly getting a message like that ( dont remember when, or what site) in the past and I think now it may be related to leaving a URL for someone to help them out. I notice any URL seems to be a problem. Kind of overkill, to me, especially if there is not much instant recourse or explanation. Sorry to give you the extra workload. Stay home and wash your hands ;-)

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by garylcamp In reply to Were you banned on Disqus ...

I am not banned from Discus (that I know of) and as you saw, I commented on this article. A few minutes later I tried to reply to another commenter and that is when I got thee ban message, My user name seems to be garylcamp though I thought it was something like JPL-ACE from Facebook or maybe yahoo. Thanks again.

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We are not seeing you as banned

by tcavadias Staff In reply to Why can I be banned from ...

We have checked up and down, and your account has not been banned. Would you mind seeing if clearing cache/cookies for the site clears the issue? If it does not can you take a screenshot of the entire page that the error message is on and send it to: Thank you!

I do apologize for all the inconvenience this is causing you.

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Banned or not?

by garylcamp In reply to We are not seeing you as ...

The article and page are long gone and since you report me as not showing banned, that is enough.I think it may be more complex than that but do not feel like chasing it down. And I dont want to overload you with extra work to little effect (hopefully). So thanks and stay safe as you can. Over and Out.

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