Why can only 4 computers have access to my wireless network?

By warthog008 ·
We have a wireless network which in theory should be able to allow more than 200 pc's on the network. Now when we hook up a fifth computer, one of the other 4 gets knocked off the internet.

The setup is as follows.

Cables come out of the wall, go to a Telenet Network Interface Unit (Telenet is the provider) This in turn goes to 2 black Motorola boxes (no idea what they do there) and then on to a Lynksis WRT54G wireless router.

Any idea what the problem could be?


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Maximum Number of DHCP Users!!!???

by Mehul Bhai In reply to Why can only 4 computers ...

If you are using DHCP for Clients then check the entry "Maximum Number of DHCP Users:" in your Router Setup.

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Can't access Router Setup

by warthog008 In reply to Maximum Number of DHCP Us ...

I can't seem to access router setup.

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The WRT54G may not be used as router

by TobiF In reply to Why can only 4 computers ...

I believe MehulBhai was right about limited number of DHCP users.

But we need to find out what box is doing what.

The DHCP server in the Linksys router would in standard configuration happily distribute at least 50 addresses.

Either the DHCP of Linksys has been reconfigured, or Linksys has been put in "bridge mode" effectively converting it into a mere access point, working under supervision of some other box (most probably the Telenet modem, but I'm also wondering what those Motorola boxes are doing.)

Let's try to figure out, which box is your router.
Open a command window and issue the command <i>ipconfig /all</i>
You should get a list of several interfaces.

Look closer at the section about wireless. Note the address of the "default gateway".
Next, enter the address of the default gateway into a browser, just to see if you get any hint, whether you're talking to Linksys, Motorola, Telenet or something else.
When it asks about a password, just hit escape or enter blank.

On WRT54G, the default user is blank and default password is "admin".

Well, that's a good first step. Let's see what you get.
Oh, can you find any model numbers on the modem and the Motorola boxes? Are all boxes connected via ethernet cables?

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by Mehul Bhai In reply to The WRT54G may not be use ...
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by warthog008 In reply to The WRT54G may not be use ...

I solved the problem strangely enough. The number of DHCP users was on 50, I upped it to 100 and now it's all solved. Seems strange to me but it works.

I have no idea what the motorola boxes (model: SB5101E) are doing there. But as far as i can tell,
1 coax cable is coming in to the Telenet box, then 2 coax cables go from there, to the two Motorola boxes, I figured out now that one of those is TV, other is Internet. Then an ethernet cable is going to the Lynksis WRT54G.

As I said, everything works now but I don't get why there have to be so many boxes and cables going from one thing to another.

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Two cable modems

by TobiF In reply to Solved

I don't know what the "Telenet" box does, it may just be an amplifier...

Anyway, looked up the Motorola boxes: You have two cable modems.

So I guess your internet connection comes with CATV + your CATV has been converted to digital (so I'd guess you also have a set-top-box receiver for CATV...)

Glad you fixed the problem. Don't know, what went wrong, unless you have something in your network with a static IP address, conflcting with some automatically assigned one. But, as they say, if it works, don't touch it :)

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