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By Sue T ·
I updated the firmware on an HP LJ 5200 and now you can't print to it from a PC buy you still can from a MAC. I have tried on a Windows 7 64bit and on a Windows XP Pro sp3. The printer is setup with a static IP, apple talk/bonjour turned off on printer. I have tried using PCL, PostScript and the HP Universal driver. The printer doesn't seem to see the print job as the screen stays at Ready. You eventually get the error on the PC and then it is just saying error printing. It just doesn't seem to make sense since it is not affecting the Mac computers. When I look in the event viewer I see Event 372 PrintService which says network connection does not exist. Since I was able to print to this printer from my laptop prior to the firmware update and now I can't I am not sure just what went wrong. Any and all ideas/suggestions appreciated. Thank you.

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print direct tcpip

by njcsamuels In reply to Why can

search for : add a standard TCP/IP port
(TR wont let me post the link)

can you ping the printer?

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I can ping the printer

by Sue T In reply to Why can

I can even get to it through the browser. It is setup on the computers using a standard tcp/ip port. We were able to print to this printer from a PC prior to updating the firmware. I have checked all the settings on the printer and everything looks correct. The Macs also print to it by setting it up with the IP address and they are still able to print to it. Thank you for your response. Do you have any other ideas?

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by njcsamuels In reply to Why can

do you have a carepack on it? usually im calling hp about things like this.

other options
update all drivers, direct from hp website.

different port on the switch

try using a different jet direct card

factory reset on the printer

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no, we don't

by Sue T In reply to Why can

have a care pack. We bought it in 2005 so it is long out of warranty. I tried everything you suggested except for the jet direct card because I don't have one, but no joy. We are a school and shutting down for the holiday now until the 2nd so maybe we will have a little miracle and it will just work when we come back. If you have any other ideas I will be more than happy to try them then. Thank you and have a wonderful holiday season.

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sharing the printer

by njcsamuels In reply to Why can

try installing the printer on a server or workstation and sharing the printer. then install the network printer with defaults.

can these windows pcs print to other printers?

you can buy a carepack after one expired and it will be effective immediately.

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found the problem

by Sue T In reply to Why can

LPD was unchecked in the configuration setup. I must have accidently unchecked when I was checking the settings on the printer after the firmware update.
Thank you for all your suggestions of things to try.
Have a great day.

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