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why cannot see neighbors easily

By Hunterzh ·
I've set up a LAN in the company, around 30 clients and 1 server. The clients have Win2000pro, WinXP, Win98, and various OS. The server use Win2000 Adv Server system.
Now the clients cannot see their neighbors in "My Network Places". But they can access neighbors' resources by running "\\host name or IP address". Anyhow, colleagues feel this not convenient.
What is the problem point? How can clients see all their neighbors easily in "My Network Places"?

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by Rabbit_Runner In reply to why cannot see neighbors ...

There are numerous possibilities. It would be better if you could give additional information. Such as when did this start?
Did anything change on the servers?
On the workstations?
Does this problem only happen on some computers, or on all of them?
What protocols are you using?
If TCP/IP, are you using DHCP or static?
Do you have WINS enabled?
What about DNS?

etc, etc.

Can you give additional data? Thanks.

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to why cannot see neighbors ...

for 1 they need to have the netbeui protocol installed on all pc's and be in the same workgroup.
Second try to standardize on the os's, although browsing should work, having a mix of os's only makes things worse to troubleshoot.
And browsing works with browsing elections etc and it take time for a client to advertise itself on the network so thats why they can not see each other from the start.
In addition if xp would have the firewall configured, it could block the access for other clients to see the xp machine.
The fact that you can ping and map to them means they are on the network, that they can not be seen is not critical (according to ms it's even a convinience rather than a funcional thing)

The best way to deal with this is to standardize on w2k and or xp use the domain control/AD scheme of ms)


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by cthulhu In reply to why cannot see neighbors ...

I have seen the same thing too many times in a lot of networks that have various Os's. Troubleshooting is nearly impossible if you ask me.Fastest and surest way I believe is to configure WINS on the server and have all the clients refer to it for the computer list.This doesn't require the NetBeui protocol so you can save some boot time on the win2k/XP machines,since the more protocols they have installed the more time it takes to boot.

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by kmcniff In reply to why cannot see neighbors ...

Because you have 9X clients, in order to see them you must have WINS installed on your server. Also you should use DHCP and have the DHCP server register machines in DNS for them automatically. Also make sure that you are using Net Bios over TCP on all of your machines.
There is a tool in the resource kit to identify the browsers on your network, the role they are playing, and what is in the database.

For mixed clients (WIN 9x) the browser service is where the Network Neighborhood is built. The client merely makes a request for the list from the Master Browser.
For more information on the browser see this link:;en-us;188305&Product=win2000
(this is all one line with no spaces)

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by Hunterzh In reply to why cannot see neighbors ...

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