why can't a user access the default webpage.

By killerp28 ·
It's just one workstation. Everyone else can log on and get to the webpage. When the user logs in he can't get to the default webpage.

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Why can't a user access the default webpage

by jlouis45 In reply to why can't a user access t ...

Can you provide more information on the error that he is getting and what browser ??

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Gateway and DNS

by sportguy In reply to why can't a user access t ...

Go to a command prompt (Start, Run, cmd, ok).
Type in ipconfig /all
Check if there is any ip address at DNS servers.
If not you will have to manually configure the DNS servers.

Also check what your defauld gateway's ip address is.
Try pinging the default gateway's ip address.

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by oldbaritone In reply to Gateway and DNS

Many networks access the web via a proxy server. Make sure all of the "LAN settings" in the "Connections" tab of Internet Options are correctly configured.

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Thanks to all that replied.

by killerp28 In reply to Gateway and DNS

It was a DNS issue. problem solved. Thanks again to all

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Is he able to access everything else?

by mafergus In reply to why can't a user access t ...

Can he get to network shares? Is he able to see other web sites? Can he connect to other pages on that web site?

If the answers are yes to those, then I would check the hosts file to see if there was an old/invalid entry, I'd clear out his browser cache (yes I used to hate hearing that also), I'd also look to see if he had any anti-spyware software installed. Sometimes those also act as a proxy and can get in the way.

If the answer to the majority is no, then I'd start working my way up the stack and check my local loop, gateway, dns, arp cache, etc...

It might help if you tell us what you have done to troubleshoot so far.

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This might be a novice question, but

by jfuller05 In reply to why can't a user access t ...

is the default webpage set to "home" in the browser?

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access webpage

by dmiles In reply to why can't a user access t ...

heck the security settings on the lone pc to see if the settings block this site,also if security setting is set to custom this will block the site also

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