Why can't any computer read my CDs?

By ReginaldGillette ·

May I trouble you for some help?

Basically, I have 3 CDs of photos, and no computer can read them.

I'm currently trying it on a
Acer Aspire 4520, Windows Vista Basic.

I have tried on other PCs and Macs, also failing.

The disc label is "Compact Disc Recordable".

I put in the disc. I hear a sound like "rrrr, rrrr". Nothing happens. However, in "Computer", it does appear as "DVD-RW
Drive (E:), Free Space 123MB". This sounds
about right.

If I click on it, minutes later it just shows
"desktop.ini 1KB Configuration Settings"

Could it be that I made the CDs 4 years ago on Windows 98 (or maybe 95)?

I really appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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You may have to choose the session.

by seanferd In reply to Why can't any computer re ...

If the disks have more than one write session on them, look for a method to choose which session on the disk you want. Should be in the disk propereties menu somewhere.

Could also be the disks are going bad.

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I couldn't choose the session.

by ReginaldGillette In reply to You may have to choose th ...

Thanks for your reply. I went into disk properties, but couldn't find anything about sessions.

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Well you also need to understand

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why can't any computer re ...

That Recordable Optical media isn't permanent. Kodak used to recommend that you rerecord Picture Cd's every 3 to 5 years when you store the disc's correctly.

If you have not been storing the Disc's correctly and allowing them to get light on them they may have already gone Bad.

However here it's more likely to be related to the way that you recorded these Disc's. With Windows 98 or Earlier Software you could quite often read a Disc if the Session was not closed or the Disc was recorded in Multi Session Mode.

What it sounds like is happening here is that the Disc has not been closed off after you finished recording it and when you look at the proprieties of the Disc all you are seeing is the Free Space on it if I am reading your Question as you intended.

If that's the case here you'll need to go back to the Software used to Record the Disc/s and use that to get your Data off these disc's and record it to a Closed Session under whatever OS and Software Solution you are now using.


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But if no Windows 98 access...

by ReginaldGillette In reply to Well you also need to und ...

Thanks for replying! I hadn't thought of that. Sadly, I probably cannot find any computer with Windows 98 (or 95)...so would I be basically out of luck?

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Not necessarily

by NickNielsen In reply to Why can't any computer re ...

If you used a program like Nero, you may be able to access the CD with a newer version of whatever program you used.

If you used Windows Explorer to copy the files to the CD and didn't close the session behind yourself, you are probably out of luck. The fact that you see free space on the discs is a strong indicator that this is the case. I'm not aware of any software that allows you to access open sessions on CD-Rs, and I've been looking for years.

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