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Why can't Excel automatically format a cell according to what you entered?

By riedmur ·
Why can't Excel just put in the cell what you typed without screwing around with it?

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as in?

by PurpleSkys In reply to Why can't Excel automatic ...

is it a formula, text, numbers? a little more detail in what you are trying to do would be good so we can help you better.

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Because it's trying to be helpful

by neilb@uk In reply to Why can't Excel automatic ...

and doesn't always agree with what you think it should do.

Format the cell before you enter the data; job done. Or write some background code to the cell to format on what YOU want; job done. It's a typical MS tool and it does things the way THEY want.


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Other than the handling of time/dates, it does

by jdclyde In reply to Why can't Excel automatic ...

the problem is there are a lot of stupid and lazy people out there with little knowledge about anything that are looking for packages to do everything automatically for them. That is what MS is trying to do.

I have learned to loath MS Word for all the auto formatting crap that it tried to do, just because they are used to the average end user being clueless.

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I'm loathing along with you.

by Ron K. In reply to Other than the handling o ...

OpenOffice all the way.

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