Why cant I accept meeting requests?

By kclark2010 ·
I have a user with Office 07 and she is unable to accept meeting requests from one specific user. It come up with a message the the request was sent to her delegates. There are two things wrong with that message: 1.she has no delegates.
2.this message only occurs on meetings from this one user.

I tried creating a new mail profile but that didnt help.

Any ideas?

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I would try a new user profile.

by seanferd In reply to Why cant I accept meeting ...

Can we also assume this is an Exchange xxxx environment?

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more info

by kclark2010 In reply to I would try a new user pr ...

Yes. Exchange 2003

-The user that cant accept, we'll call user A, has no delegates.
-User B sends meetings to other users in the company with no issues.

-The request goes to other users and they have no issue accepting(mostly or all XP users)
-User B(organizer) has Windows 7 with Office 07 and User A has Windows XP with Office 07

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by NexS In reply to Why cant I accept meeting ...

if it's just the one user, you should check their delegates and meeting. Also, get that one user to send a meeting to someone else and see if it works.

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Can other users accept meeting requests from same users?

by TobiF In reply to Why cant I accept meeting ...

I.e. have you tested that the problem is not with the person who sends the invitation?

Do all have same version of Windows and Office?
Are they all connected in the same way (i.e. not via OWA or SMTP)?

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Do you have more users with Win7 and/or XP?

by TobiF In reply to Can other users accept me ...

Oh, are the computers using the same language/locale versions?

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by kclark2010 In reply to Do you have more users wi ...

I have 3 users total with Win 7. No complaints about the other 2 Win 7 users.
I have over 100 users with XP

What do you mean by "language/locale versions"? -Both were setup for English/US if thats what you mean.


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Any more suggestions?

by kclark2010 In reply to Why cant I accept meeting ...

Any more suggestions?

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by TobiF In reply to Any more suggestions?

Or some other synchronization technology on any of these two users?

Is the user connected to Exchange the normal way? (i.e. not via POP/OWA etc.)

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by kclark2010 In reply to Blackberry?

The user1(receiver) had a BB up until yesterday but she still had problems today. User2(organizer) still has his BB.

I just ran a few of the Outlook switches that I found (still waiting to find out if it works).

Yes. When I set up user1 I chose MS Exchange, not POP. The users have the ability to use OWA but in most cases they dont.

Thanks for the help!

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work around

by kclark2010 In reply to Why cant I accept meeting ...

My apologies for not posting this a while back when I found the work around.

What I ended up doing was creating a new Outlook shortcut and attaching the, /cleandmrecords, switch and it has been working ever since.

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