Why can't I connect to the internet?

By anansiman ·
I am running win 7 on my IBM compatible, and in the system tray it says that I am connected to the internet. When I open the internet explorer it says it can't open page. I tried to do the diagnose but the computer says it can't find a problem with my internet connection.

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Try this

by IC-IT In reply to Why can't I connect to th ...

Open IE, navigate to Tools - Internet Options - Connection Tab - Lan Settings.

If a proxy is selected. uncheck that box.

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Why can't I connect to the internet?

by rfmodine In reply to Try this

From time to time cable modems, and DSL modems have problems with the connection. The lights may look fine, but they need to be reset. I have seen this happen even when ipconfig comes back with appropriate information. Remove the power to your device, wait 10 - 15 seconds, (some DSL modems take a little longer - up to a minute) and then plug it back in. Wait until the lights show the appropriate signals (send & receive activity, online- etc). You can use a cmd window and type ipconfig, (press enter) to ensure the connection has been re-established. Then refresh your browser, (or close and open a new window), and try again. Note: if you have a modem that has telephone service as well, you may need to look for a reset button on the modem to reset it. They usually have an internal battery backup.

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by jayjd12 In reply to Why can't I connect to th ...

As a very quick check ensure your DNS settings are correct under the TCP/IP settings of your Network Adapter

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router or modem

by bamccullough In reply to Why can't I connect to th ...

Try unplugging your router or modem, and plug back in after a minute or so

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Wireless connection I'm assuming????

by mike In reply to router or modem

Check your wireless connections to ensure you are connected to the proper router. Sometimes you can connect to a different router where you don't have permissions to access the internet, thus the computer thinks you are connected because you have communication with the router.

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Try TURNING OFF your Anti-virus WEB SHIELD

by micheal.anderson2 In reply to Why can't I connect to th ...

'Encountered the same problem and spent many futile hours (with a super-techie friend's help) -- my system is still XP with Avast Pro Anti-Virus-- we EVENTUALLY discovered that Avast's WEB SHIELD feature was the source of IE8 'inability' to access (even known,'safe') Internet web pages. So I now turn off the WEB SHIELD (for an hour or 10 minutes at a time) before asking IE8 to access a web page. HARDLY an ideal solution but it works as a stop gap. AVAST's Customer Service folks have provide ZERO help / support or insight into why its Web Shield and IE8 can't function harmoniously !

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by PurpleSkys In reply to Try TURNING OFF your Anti ...

I've never seen that happen with Avast...and we've used it for years here. I must tuck that info in my pocket for another day :)

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Try this first

by fpincelli In reply to interesting

Close Internet Explorer. Click Start, then Control panel, Internet Options, Advanced tab, Reset (button lower right),Check box to Delete personal settings, Reset, and Close. Reopen Internet Explorer.

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by cookie_andme In reply to Why can't I connect to th ...

are you still using Internet Explorer? For a LOT of years I've been putting Firefox & Opera on every computer I've worked on. I recommend that my clients use one of those with their add-ons & widgets, or even Safari or Google Chrome over IE. Know all those IE "updates" you've been getting over the years . . . update is Microsoft's way of saying "bug fix" . . . no IE for me!

PS: you can try from cmd:

netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt

Re-start the computer, that should reset your ip stack. I've had that problem with a Linksys usb wireless, connected to the network, but no Internet. It helped . . . but I ended up returning the Linksys twice before I got a different version and no problems since.


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personal preference

by PurpleSkys In reply to Why

is what I find with folks that use something that I do not. Some folks like AVG - Norton (ick) - where I prefer Avast. Some folks just plain don't like M$ products...I personally have no issue with them. So, maybe the OP has a personal preference to IE as opposed to another browser.

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