why cant i connect to the router from one of my computers?

By danzmanz ·
this is a really weird issue that has be baffled..

my computer running windows 7 all of the sudden cannot connect to my router via ethernet whilst other computers are able even iphone via wireless.

heres where it gets confusing when i connect my older router it works fine.

i have reset ip stack, winsock, cleared arp cache, updated NIC drivers to no avail.. i cant figure out if its something on my PC or the router.

i have configured addresses manually.

any ideas?

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If you connect your old router and it's fine it must be your new router.

by Ron K. In reply to why cant i connect to the ...

Look for MAC addresses being allowed, your's may be denied. Look for IP addresses too.<br>

Get a manual for your router and go through it page by page. It may help.

Whenever my router 'decides' not to work I reload an old configuration file and it works. If your router has the option to save a configuration file as soon as you get it working, save one. <br>
When all else has failed on this router I've done a hard reboot. It doesn't take very long to reconfigure everything. The configuration file makes it simple.

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Yours too??

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to If you connect your old r ...

QUOTE: "Whenever my router 'decides' not to work...". Mine does this occasionally too! Its the damndest thing.

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Mine has whimsically decided to enable SecureSpot.

by Ron K. In reply to Yours too??

That's an alternative firewall system that you can access with my DLink-DIR655. I have the latest working software configuration handy, ready for reload, just in case.

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Couple of suggestions and a couple of questions

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to why cant i connect to the ...

draoul, when you speak of connecting to your router, I assume you are speaking in terms of simply getting an IP address through DHCP or making the typical connection to your router as the gateway? Can you ping the routers IP? If not, can you ping the host of the router? Are you running any sort of Internet Security Suite such as Norton or McAffee? Note that simply disabling these does not mean they are bypassed. There is also the possibility of an IP address conflict too. Given that you have followed due process in ruling out the preceeding and/or malware as a possibility, there is a hack to enable one to completely reinstall the IP stack. Granted, this by all rights shouldn't ever be necessary, in my experience, I have had to resort to this procedure twice in the past couple years, though not yet with Windows 7. It isn't too complicated. Will post it for you if you wish to give it a shot.

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fixed it

by danzmanz In reply to why cant i connect to the ...

thanks for the posts guys.. it wasnt as technical as i had thought.. it was pretty much 50 - 50 as other nodes worked on the router but my pc worked off the older router..

i put the windows 7 cd in and hit repair, after a restart it worked fine..

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