Why can't I connect to WPA wireless networks?

By barlowrp ·
I have a WMP54G wireless network card on my desktop computer running Windows XP service pack 3. I am trying to set up my parent's home internet connection and all of their computers are working wirelessly, but my computer is not. I have had this problem for a while.

I am unable to connect to networks that have a WPA encryption key. The card finds the network fine, but then is not able to ever actually connect it, even though I've verified the password several times. When I go into the router settings and manually switch the password type to WEP 10-digit code my computer is able to connect.

This is a problem because the network I just set up for my parents is running through an Apple Time Capsule wireless router, and it does not have an option to use a WEP encryption.

I'm pretty sure this is not a problem with the Time Capsule's Apple origin, because my brother's VISTA machine is working fine, and I had an identical problem with my Netgear router at my apartment, which I solved by swapping the encryption type to WEP.

So, please help!

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by philldmc In reply to Why can't I connect to WP ...

That card should support the WPA encryption. A few possible causes is that the router is configured a certian way. For example if the router is fixed to ONLY accept WPA2 connections or N speed connections then your wireless card will not connect, it will see the wireless router but not connect.

In addition, you card may only support one encryption type, AES or TKIP most routers you have the option to select both. But if the set up is set to only accept AES but your card only uses TKIP then again your card will not connect.

Check the router settings make sure that WPA is selected not WPA2 (your card does not support WPA2) and that AES+TKIP is selected as the encryption method. Which means it will accept either AES or TKIP

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get an updated driver

by jck In reply to Why can't I connect to WP ...

I know Linksys has WPA-PSK compatible drivers for everything from Windows 98 thru Vista for almost all their products now.

That's about all it could be, besides a bad passphrase.

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