Why cant i contact my domain controller

By lumor ·
I have huge difficulty adding my pc to the domain. I have a windows xp service pack 2 (computer name is xpmachine) and want to add this to the domain in server 2003 ( domain name is I did add this computer in the contoso domain and have assigned IP address to my xp and aslo entered the DNS IP in the DNS server tab of the Advanced properties of my TCP/IP netwrok.
when i want to add the xp in the domain by going thourgh the Network ID of My Computer Name it gives me the error:

"A domain controller for the domain CONTOSO.COM could not be contacted."

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Do this

by Mehul Bhai In reply to Why cant i contact my dom ...

First remove the System Name from the Domain Controller and then try to add the machine to the Domain thourgh the Network ID of My Computer Name.

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Depends on how you have the naming setup

by Kenone In reply to Why cant i contact my dom ...

It could be just contoso or it could be contoso.local, it could be a lot of things, do you have another domain computer that you can check the name on?

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by ossyemeh In reply to Depends on how you have t ...

If you cannot contact the domain controller, it points to one thing first which is the DNS configuration. ON the XP merchine did you enter the proper IP address of authorized DNS server of the domain in it? just try by pinging the domain controller by its name. If it doesn't reply try pinging by the IP address, if it does reply that mean that your DNS configuration is wrong. Try and resolve it or ask for assistance then you will do your work.

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