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why can't I get a reasonable answer to 'how so I cancel my subscription,

By uncle gank ·
The information on this website is of no use to me. Please just get it out of my email address.

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If you look

by IC-IT In reply to why can't I get a reasona ...

At the upper right of your screen (after you are logged in), you will see a link titled My Newsletters; Click that and unsubscribe to the ones you no longer want.

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Not sure. Where have you asked before?

by seanferd In reply to why can't I get a reasona ...

Because I see no other posts from you.

I see one perfectly reasonable answer above. (The answer could just as easily have been, "The same way you signed up for the newsletters, but in reverse".)

What unreasonable responses have you gotten? That shouldn't happen.

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Contact Customer Service

by TheChas In reply to why can't I get a reasona ...

Go to this link that takes you to a Tech Republic help page with part of the answer.


Then, click on the submit a question tab and let customer support know that you wish to cancel your free membership.

Sorry to see any member leave.


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Also, amazingly in each newsletter

by Slayer_ In reply to why can't I get a reasona ...

And really, almost ever legitimate newsletter, there is an unsubscribe button, usually located at the bottom of the newsletter.

It is truely amazing how much malice and how little brain power you put into solving this issue.

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With malice toward none

by santeewelding In reply to Also, amazingly in each n ...

You misspelled, "truly".

Like any prosecutor of perceived evil, you must have your own house in order before uttering a word, like, "truely".

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That's what she said

by Slayer_ In reply to With malice toward none

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