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Why cant i get my computers bandwidth higher?

By ViktorVaughn ·
So, i have a Gigabit Internet Service from Spectrum. a Nighthawk AX8 Wifi 6 router. my nighthawk app on my phone shows when i speedtest the router that i get around 900mbps. i run a cat 7 cable 50 feet to my computer. my computer i built myself. it has a Asus Z170 Pro Gaming/Aura motherboard with Intel Gigabit Ethernet . despite knowing that the router has almost a gigabit per second.. i cant get my PC to speed test higher than 300 MBPS. WHY? i have tried every tweak on fancy networking websites for changing windows 10 settings. what am i missing?
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So what speed is whatever downloading at?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why cant i get my compute ...

The speed test on the router is what it is capable of not what it is downloading any particular site so what you have to look at here is what speed do the sites you are accessing downloading at.

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Speeds are theoretical and not real world

by ITpro19 In reply to Why cant i get my compute ...

I could be wrong here but my understanding is that the speeds provided by ISPs, routers, network adapters, are all theoretical or “up to” speeds. Not that you’ll actually get those speeds in a real world environment.

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