Why cant I get RAM to work

I have 2 identical gigs of Corsair RAM I am trying to install on Gateway Pen 4 2.8 ghz with one gig already installed. know slots are good because had 2 512 in the. Corsair DDR2 CM2X were working in another computer, but won work in mine or my wife's HP desktop. Any Suggestions? Thanks

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The difference between "one" and "two"

by santeewelding In reply to Why cant I get RAM to wor ...

Has always confounded me. I have advanced, though, through arduous study, to have a glimmering of the difference.

You have "one" installed, and you are dumbfounded by the result?

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RAM Compatibility

by TheChas In reply to Why cant I get RAM to wor ...

We have had to deal with RAM compatibility issues since we went from soldered in RAM to plug-in RAM.

The biggest issue we run across now is that newer RAM designs are of a higher density than the motherboard or BIOS were designed for. The newer RAM just will not work in older computers.

Go to the Crucial web site and verify what RAM is recommended for your systems.


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