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Why can't I install a 2nd printer?

By parkpointer ·
I have a modified 1998 Dell xps R400 with a HP 882C printer via a printer cable. I just got a 2nd printer, a USB cable-HP 7760 photo model. After routine computer cleanups and disabling antivirus software, I tried to install the new software. Each time I tried to load it, it got to a point where it stated that it successfully loaded, then it asked to click next and finish with the setup. After clicking, the computer goes blank, and freezes. I manually reset the computer, which resulted in an error: program unable to fully install, remove software and try to reinstall. After the first uninstall, a new error appears after startup: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library; Runtime Error!; Program: C:\PROGRAM FILES\HEWLETT-PACKARD\HPIS\BIN\MAD.EXE; abnormal program termination; (click) OK.
HP has been unable to find any solution for the error or how to install the printer software w/o it crashing near the end of the download. Any suggestions would greatly appreciated!
My Setup:
1998 Dell XPS R400 w/ oem mbd
Inside: OS was MSWIN98-now MSWIN98SE; Mem-was 128mb-now 384mb; CPU-was Intel PII 400MHz-now Celeron PIII 1.4GHz; Harddrive-was Max 9GB at 5400rpm-now Max160GB at 7200rpm with SATA PCI card; Cd/dvd rom-was Toshiba 4.8x-now Toshiba 16x; DVD via oem Cinemaster card; add-on Sony CD-RW CR175A1; oem Iomega Zip100; floppy-was NEC-now Pioneer; Sound-was Turtle Beach-now Creative Audigy LS; Video-oem nVidia 8mb Velocity ZX; Internet-was US Robotics 56K (still aboard)-now Cisco DSL with Linksys 10/100 Ethernet card.
Outside: Monitor-oem Dell D1226H 19-inch CRT; Spkrs-oem Altec-Lansing 295's w/Sub; Add-on HP Scanjet 5200C flatbed scan (w/ USB cable); Add-on HP 882C Deskjet printer (w/ multi-pin cable); Mouse-was ball/Dell-now MS Opt; Kybd-was Dell Nat-now MS Internet Pro Nat with 2 USB ports; Add-on Maxell HP-2000 headph; Add-on MS Force Fdbk Pro joy; Add-on HP photosmart 7760 printer (w/ USB cable, currently not wired to computer).

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by BFilmFan In reply to Why can't I install a 2nd ...

Teh only MAD.EXE with which I am familiar is the Attendant Service for Microsoft Exchange Server from version 4.0 onward.

Are the drivers for the printer Windows 98SE?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Why can't I install a 2nd ...

Well as the uninstall of the second printer has for some reason disabled the first printer I would start off by uninstalling both printers and start off with the USB one but you may be up against it as the USB drivers for 98SE where not all that great and there may be a software conflict between the Drivers and the Hardware or between the drivers for the USB Ports and the USB printer.

I would start off by trying to install the HP USB printer first and see if you can install that and get it working if you can then add the Parallel Printer and see if things continue to work it could be a basic Software conflict between the two different printer drivers that is causing your problem.

As all HP Printers are made by Canon you could try installing the drivers for the equivalent model Canon Printers and see if they will work that way.



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by pierrejamme In reply to Why can't I install a 2nd ...

We have had many of those Dimensions and i have always avoided even USP mic or keyboards with them. I believe if you want a reliable USB connect you will have to add a PCI USB card such as an Adpatec.

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by parkpointer In reply to

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All (4) pci slots are full with other cards. Thank you anyways.

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by Sardukkan In reply to Why can't I install a 2nd ...

Looks like the solution is in the error message....
HPIS\BIN\MAD You have somehow angered the HP Lords of high priced ink cart....
Download the MS clean up util to wipe the traces of each printers files. Then as Bfilmfax said try the USB photo printer first by it's self.

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Did you find solution to HP mad.exe issue

by fecarl In reply to Why can't I install a 2nd ...

I just installed xp Professional on my five year old Dell and have a previoulsy working HP 7760. I am getting the same mad.exe message as above. Did you ever find a solution?

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