Why can't I install IE 7 or 8? I have no internet explorer browser now

By padre12 ·
I have had several issues lately with installing updates, number 1 is they don't install at all, number 2 is I currently have no internet explore browser and I can't install one on my computer, I have a Sony Vaio Pentium 4 which runs great except for these issues, I hope you can help me, microsoft can't seem to help, believe me I have tried. The only browser I have is google chrome at this point.

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Sounds as if you need to reinstall Windows then No Text

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why can't I install IE 7 ...
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Have you tried "add/remove" in Control Panel?

You may need to remove what looks to be a failed installation of IE7 or 8, then reinstall
IE6...don't take IE6 online though except to "trusted" sites. Then, if IE6 is running,
ps...when you download the IE8 installer, try using a direct link to IE8
instead of the Windows Update link...I used the direct link after a
failed attempt from Windows Update...just uncheck all the extra toolbars
and such that sometimes are added in!
download the installer for IE8. Does your computer meet the requirements regarding
RAM (need at least 512 megabytes) and HD space? Although I have seen IE7 on less
than 512 meg, it doesn't perform well. Anyhow, try this roll-back technique then re-install
IE8. One other question, are you using WinXP SP3? If not, you might want to consider
installing this as well.

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Reponse To Answer

by padre12 In reply to Have you tried "add/remov ...

I noticed in my downloaded files all the installation packages, maybe this is part of the problem as well. Honestly Im not sure if SP 3 is truly installed or not, it shows on system but does not show in my add/remove programs, I find that kind of strange as well, I have attempted to install windows 7 and 8 to no avail. I am thinking I just might have to do a clean install but I am not comfortable in doing this, I don't have an xp disk anyway, so let me know what you think please, the frustration is mounting on my part. :)

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It does sound like you need a reinstallation, but without a disk this
could be a problem. What kind of computer do you have, laptop,
desktop? Some notebooks will have a hidden partition with the
rescue/reinstallation files in there, and you can access it sometimes
with a F# (like F2, F12, etc.) at power-on. Othertimes, you need an
emergency boot disk to use to access the rescue files.
If you've tried upgrading to Win7, and you have an install disk for 7,
I would say go with that, maybe even let Windows installer re-format
your hard drive...just backup any personal data, program installers,
etc. that you want to keep.

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Have you tried "add/remov ...

The Sony Viao's never came with a Recovery Disc, they have a Recovery partition and depending on the Model you'll need to look at the Owners Manual you access this with a Key Combination or Function Key at the POST the Sony Screen when you first turn on. .com/US/p/

If you no longer have the Owners Manual you can download yours from the above link just remember to remove the space from between sony and the .com for a working link.


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You need the Add/Remove then Windows Components

by a.portman In reply to Why can't I install IE 7 ...

IE is not a "Program" as in Add and Remove Programs, but a "Component" of Windows. Try going to Add and Remove programs. On the side is a tab to switch to Windows components. Find IE in the Internet Options. Uninstall it (trust me), reboot and then install it. This will reinstall either IE 6 or 7 and from there you can update.

You can also use Firefox to download an IE stand alone installer and install it that way.

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Reponse To Answer

by padre12 In reply to You need the Add/Remove t ...

I did as you suggested but I found IE wasn't listed in Add Remove programs, I have tried on multiple occasions but no luck, I noticed that when I check the folders that all my installtion attempts are listed, should I delete all those or is that not a good idea? I am open to almost anything at this point, I can't even get my updates to install.I am at a loss at this point

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install IE 7 or 8?

by Quaint_Data In reply to Why can't I install IE 7 ...

Internet Explorer is bundled with windows all versions.
What was used to update your system to xpsp3?
A download of xpsp3? or did your system bundle with xpsp3?
Or did you buy a computer/ laptop? without windows and try to install xpsp3 alone?
Please provide those details.
Internet Explorer functions with Outlook Express.
Do you have Outlook Express functioning ok?
Also confirm if this is your own home computer personal use only?
and that you are not part of a Workplace with group policies in place supposedly preventing you from running internet explorer 7 or 8?

And by the way it is>> Add Remove programs, >>windows components.<< not add remove only.
Besides all that it should be listed at the top of the start menue All Programs above Outlook Express!!!
Go to your search and type internet Explorer.
Either way to fix Internet Explorer core if it is corrupted you will need a XP Setup Disc.
You say you spoke to Microsoft and no help??

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Did you check for malware (viruses,worms)

by gmacari416 In reply to Why can't I install IE 7 ...

Check to see if your PC has been infected and your antivirus didn't catch the virus yet.

Do the following:

Go to: Start>Run type. Msconfig. Click on the startup tab. Now look for any "oddball" programs that start up when Windows starts. Uncheck the box. Look for files called for example. Absgb.exe. or x.exe

If you comfortable checking the registry you can do a search for anything in the "runnow" hive.
If you never edited the registry, do not do it. Find someone who knows.

Your final option is, backing up your personal files to an external drive and doing a full install of windows. Not sure if your can still find a new XP disk or not plus your running a pentium4 which adds to your problem.

If you have $500 - $800 buring a hole in your pocket, you can get a decent laptop to hold you over.

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windows update

by hikari_elvira In reply to Why can't I install IE 7 ...

try clicking the windows update in the start up menu > all programs > windows update.

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