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why can't i install windows 95?

By jjs1984 ·
i have a few workstations at home and i have a variety of OS's but for some strange reason i can't get my windows 95 to install on an old machine with no operating system on it. Am i missing some basic step to installing this old OS? i have the drive formatted as FAT and i assume popping in the legal copy of windows 95 would install it but it doesn't. I've never installed anything before windows XP (as i'm young, so i only really use linux and XP). If someone could explain what i'm missing i would appreciate it, thx.

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Bit more info

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to why can't i install windo ...

Way back when before Ug the caveman found fire.
95 had the CD and a start up floppy.
Had a cd driver on it so then the batch file could run the setup file on the cd after the system suddenly discovered it was there.
So your starter for ten is if you boot up on a dos floppy can you see the cd rom ?

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Check machine specs

by Deadly Ernest In reply to why can't i install windo ...

Win 95 did have minimum machine specifications re RAM and CPU type and speed, check that your system exceeds these.

Some versions used a floppy to boot the CD, some booted direct from the CD. However, the system BIOS and the CD drive have to be of the type that will boot from CD, some of the older ones don't.

I often find with loading Win95 and Win98 on some older systems that it works better if I place the hard drive in another computer and copy the CD into a directory called WIN95 or WIN98, then place the hard drive back in the computer and use a boot floppy to run the instal program from within that directory. This also installs quicker on most older systems.

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installing Win95

by ratfink In reply to Check machine specs

load DOS 6.0 to 6.22 then install Win95.

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Wrong forum

by TheChas In reply to why can't i install windo ...

First off, you are usually better off posting technical questions in the Technical Q&A section of the site.

Second, please post your system specifications and what you have tried.

To install Windows 95, you need to boot from the startup floppy with CD-ROM support, not just a DOS boot disk.

For all but Windows 95 OEM version 2.5 / C, your drive must be formatted as a FAT16 volume.
This limits you to 2.1GB per logical drive.

If you have more than 511MB of system RAM, W95 may not load and run.

If you have an AMD CPU with a clock speed of greater than 300 MHz, Windows 95 needs a patch installed to run.

For newer hardware, (such as a P4 system) the default drivers that are on the W95 CD won't work with the new chip-set and W95 will not run.


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One Question...Why are you wasting time on an obsolete OS?

by Why Me Worry? In reply to why can't i install windo ...

You will drive yourself insane finding Win95 drivers that will work on most modern P4 and AMD class systems with USB 2.0, SATA Hard Drives, multichannel surround sound cards, and high end graphics accelerators. Don't waste your time on Windows 95 or 98 and install Windows 2000 or XP at the least. You will save yourself a whole lot of frustration and aggravation.

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2 reasons.

by deepsand In reply to One Question...Why are yo ...

1) It's a good learning experience; and,

2) The machine in question may not be suitable for newer OS's.

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More time wasted on old crap than to go with new stuff

by Why Me Worry? In reply to 2 reasons.

It would be cheaper and less time wasted to work on new hardware and current operating systems. Yes, it may be a good learning experience, but where can you apply this knowledge considering most companies you go to these days are running Windows 2000 Pro or XP on the desktop. You may have to go to some 3rd world country, or some rinky dinky public school to still find Windows 95 rolled out on the desktop.

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Elitist? I just don't like wasting time on useless junk

by Why Me Worry? In reply to You are being elitist.

Call me an elitist, but what does one learn from wasting time on an old and obsolete piece of crap OS? Yeah, you may find it installed here and there, but those who haven't yet upgraded will have no support for it and have shot themselves in the foot and should have upgraded a long time ago.

This is just as silly as someone coming on TR and asking how to install an 8 bit CGA video card into an IBM XT or 33Mhz 286 motherboard. My question is, why? what does one stand to gain or learn from installing Windows 95? May as well find a copy of Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and waste your time on that, but don't count on finding it out there in many corporate environments and don't even mention it on your resume or you will make a complete *** of yourself if you do. And as for the argument about having old hardware, my question would old is the hardware you are talking about? I doubt you are working with an IBM 386, 486, or Pentium I class machine that you cannot install Windows 2000 at the bare minimum. Computer parts are so cheap now that for a few hundred bucks, one can easily build themselves a custom P4 machine that is far better than any commercial crap to come out of Compaq or Dell. I built my own PC, it's a Pentium 3 650Mhz machine running Windows XP Pro and I did not spend a rediculous amount of money on parts. I am more than willing to help out newbies, but the point I am trying to stress is not to waste time on obsolete systems which have a small to no presence in the corporate world. As a CNE, I would say the same thing to someone asking me for help on installing Netware v3.12, which has been obsolete for over a decade and is pointless to install because it has been superceded by Netware 6.5 with NDS.

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May be it is for a Museum

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Elitist? I just don't li ...

Or like me I do tend to like the older stuff as apposed to the new stuff. The last time I was at a manufacturers factory I spent all my time in the Museum and forgot about the new stuff as I would be working with it every day and I wouldn't get another chance to see the old stuff again.

But I do really draw the line at installing 3.11 as I did try that quite a while ago now and couldn't remember how to setup a network/Internet connection so I just loaded a 95 Upgrade edition and forgot all about 3.11. :) What is worse is I've forgotten how to do this and it was something that I used to do all the time all I can say is "Thank God" for the improvements.

Col ]:)

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