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Why can't I login to the domain using XPpro?

By allisonmea ·
I have an XPpro box on a w2k server domain. I had to disable 4 system drive mappings in order to give the client access to a network resource which required one of the drive letters used by the system. I mapped the resource, and was unable to login to the domain. I re-enabled the drives I had disabled, but still couldn't login.

I can ping the XP box, and access resources logged in as Adminstrator, so the nic is ok, but Active Directory login fails.

I haven't tried deleting the mappings I added because I need them.

What are the 4 external drive mappings in XP all about?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Why can't I login to the ...

you can login ok as domain administrator nut 'unable' as user?
did you try this username from another box.
please define 'unable' with complete error message.
good work pinging.
how is the time synch between ad server and client?
check the security Event logs on the clieint after a failed login and post the exact event id, description and source.
i don't know what you meant about the drive mappings. please explain more?

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Why can't I login to the ...


You can logon to a domain without any drives being mapped.

What error message is generated when you try to logon? Also, log on as the local administrator and check the event logs - they will contain error messages detailing why you were unable to logon.

Normally, a PC will cache x number of logons in case a DC is down temporarily. so you should have been able to logon regardless.

Like sgt schulz says above - if you can post more details then we may be able to help.

Good luck

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by jkn1ck In reply to Why can't I login to the ...

Remove the system from the domain (select workgroup) reboot and rejoin the domain. Drive mappings can be set by login script. If you "hard" connect drives you could over ride login scripts.

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