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Why can't I open certain websites using wifi?

By eien6 ·
I currently have a problem connecting to certain websites via wifi using our home connection. We have the same issue with an HP laptop, Nexus 7 tablet, and also with an iPod. We tried connecting to the internet using other methods or using other connections, and the devices worked as expected.
For example when using our wifi, I can open the results page of Google, but when I try to go to the website it won't load. I can download using Google play on my Nexus, but I can't access social networking sites on all three devices.
What should I do? Please help!

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Just a guess on my part,

but it sounds like something in the firewall, some setting blocking those sites at
the admin level of your WiFi access point. You will have to access those network
settings to check and change them. Another possiblity is a host file blocking the
access. Maybe some parental controls that need to be adjusted.
Most WiFi/router setups can be entered via a web browser. Consult your manual
for specifics for your device. You will need the user name and password.

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