Why can't I ping a WinSvr 2008(different subnet) til ARP cache is cleared?

By andygps ·

I really need some help on this, please. We currently have XP workstations, some 2003 servers, and some 2008 R2. All are currently on 10.2.19.x. This pool has been filled so we are trying to add some client PC's to 10.2.18.x(with subnet
The problem is this:
Once I change the ip config on the XP workstation to 10.2.18.x as mentioned above, I no longer have access to servers running 2008, who are on the 10.2.19.x network. I still have connection to 2003 servers, just not the 2008. I have to manually delete the server's ARP entry on the client PC and the connection gets restored.
I checked the ARP tables before and after clearing them, and the entries for are the same. i tried manually adding an arp entry but that didn't work; i still have to clear the arp cache to restore connection.
Anybody have an idea about what might be going on?

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Add static ARP entry to neighbors table on 2008 server

by robo_dev In reply to Why can't I ping a WinSvr ...

netsh interface ipv4 set neighbors "Local Area Connection" "<ip-Address of GW>" "<Mac-Address of GW>"

I think you can also do this in whatever router is between your two subnets.

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