Why Can't I RDP into Computers on my Work Network?

By jbrunsting ·
I have a bit of a quandary here and I'm hoping someone can help you. I have recently begun having problems with people being able to connect, via RDP, to their desktops in the office when they are at home. What they do is connect to our network via VPN, then RDP from their home machines to their desktops in the office.

Now, everything else seems to work. They can ping their desktops, they can get to the file server's shares, I even managed to get one of them to RDP into a server. But when they try to RDP into their desktop by name, it fails. I then had them try to RDP into their desktop via IP and it worked. The problem? We use DHCP, so those IPs are not static and could change at any time.

So it seems almost like a DNS issue. However, SOME of the DNS is still working, since they are able to ping the desktop by name and connect to the file server by name. It's like only desktops are not getting their DNS names translated across the VPN connection.

Very strange and so I'm hoping to pick some brains here. Thanks!

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Long DHCP lease times?

by TobiF In reply to Why Can't I RDP into Comp ...

Desktops, typically, move around less in the network, than laptops. So there may be a risk that the workstation remembers its address a bit longer, than DHCP keeps it. (Especially if DHCP/DNSMASQ regularly restarts for some reason.)

You could either give desktops reserved addresses (permanent leases) or shorten the DHCP lease time, so that workstations will renew their addresses often enough.

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DHCP reservations or VPN DNS

by oldbaritone In reply to Why Can't I RDP into Comp ...

The easiest (kludge) solution would be to create reservations in the DHCP address space for the desktops that use RDP. That way, particular machines will always receive the same IP address from DHCP, so you have the advantages of a static IP address while maintaining the central control and configurability of DHCP.

On the DNS side in the VPN space, are the workstations configured in DHCP to register their name with DNS when they receive their address? That's in the Properties page of Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) under "Advanced", on the DNS tab.

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