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Why can't Outlook send mail?

By phillips_larry ·
I have 3 systems connected to DSL via a D-Link 614+. System 1 is running XP & Outlook 2000. System 2 is running W2k SP3 & Outlook 2000. System 3 is running XP and Outlook Express 6. There have been no problems with System 3. System 1 & 2 starting failing to send mail. Receive mail with NO problems. Get error msg SMTP error code 0x800ccc60 or 0x800ccc67 or 0x800ccc0f. On systems 1 & 2 I configured Outlook Express 6 accounts and get the same results. On system 1 I installed Pegasus mail and get the same results. If I leave the messages in the Outbox, very infrequently both system 1 & 2 will send the messages. This may happen once or twice in a 24 hour period. Otherwise, mail just sits in the outbox with continued attempts to sendfailing. I have discussed with ISP, BellSouth, several times and they say they are having some issues with their email servers but if I can receive mail I should be able to send it also. We have verified the server names multiple times. The big question, if the problem is on my side, is why does mail get sent at all? Is there anything I may have missed? Everything was working fine for several months and then this happened to 2 of the three machines within 2 days of each other. I have removed firewall and virus protection as a test with no positive results. Any suggestions for what I should check next?

Larry Phillips

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Why can't Outlook send mail?

by JustAnAdmin In reply to Why can't Outlook send ma ...

It sounds like you have convered just about every troubleshooting step I can think of off the top of my head. If everything was previously working correctly and nothing major changed, it points to a problem on their side instead of a problem on yourcomputers. But, you mentioned system 3 is working fine? Has system 3 ever failed to send messages during this period?

Have you done a full virus scan just to be safe (ensuring your virus definitions are up to date)?

Regarding the mail servers,being able to receive mail is an entirely different situation than being able to send. The two are generally different servers. So it is very possible that they pop3 servers are not having problems, but the smtp servers may be. Did they give you anytime frame or a way to check back to see if their issues have been resolved?

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Why can't Outlook send mail?

by drinkin and thinkin In reply to Why can't Outlook send ma ...

Just for grins, have you tried powering down everything - modem, router, and computers and then powering everything back up in that order?

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