Why can't the main user account displaying processed bank checks online ?

By WPee ·
The MAIN Windows home user is able to DISPLAY & PRINT images of the banks processed checks online.

However after a second USER account is setup on the home computer then ONLY the second user can display /or print the images of the checks. <hum?>

The bank's tech support is clueless!!!

Where do we look for a solution to this simple problem ?
The OS has always been Windows XP.

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Only second use can print check images not the first XP user

by WPee In reply to Why can't the main user a ...

A husband & wife both using the same home PC to access their (joint) bank account.
But after the second XP user is set up on the PC then the First XP user can no longer print their canceled bank checks.
Prior to setting up the second XP user the First user could log-on to their bank account amd print the check images.
Now only the second user can print the check images.

Both users can still log on and view their joint bank account status etc...
The bank has not come up with a solution to this condition the bank does not see any errors generated at their end ???

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There would be an error message of some sort?

by seanferd In reply to Why can't the main user a ...

What would it be? If not, describe exactly the behavior of "can't view/print".

If the n"first account" is the administrator account, try adding a third account and see if both the regular user accounts interact normally with the bank/check display.

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