Why can't user see entire mapped drive?

By arlington750 ·
In our organization we have various server locations mapped as drives for our users. One user has a particular mapped drive, but can see only a very limited number of the folders in that location. He has all the permissions he should need to view all of the folders there. Other users who have the drive mapped can see everything fine. What can I do to make these visible to my user?

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Windows? Check "Deny"

by oldbaritone In reply to Why can't user see entire ...

Check the user's permissions to see if there are any "Deny" permissions set.

"Deny" overrides "Allow", so if the user has both permissions in effect, the result will be "Deny".

Also check that "Deny" is not being inherited.

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Double-checked the permissions..

by arlington750 In reply to Windows? Check "Deny"

and they look good. The user was also saying that he will occasionally see a message about synchronization and then sometimes all of the folders will appear, but that he will get a message saying the connection to the mapped drive is lost after a few hours. No one else seems to be having this happen, and nothing is different about the way he is set up.

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What OS?

by Kenone In reply to Why can't user see entire ...

Could have a bearing on this.
Also, what happens if you attach directly to one of the "invisible" folders?

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OS: Windows XP SP3

by arlington750 In reply to What OS?

When I was able to check today everything was available(both through the mapped drive and connecting directly with //server/folder), so unable to tell.

He said he will eventually get a little bubble from his system tray notifying him he's lost connection, but that restarting always restores the full connection. When he "loses the connection", though, he can still see a handful of folders in the directory instead of being totally unable to connect.

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Appears to be fixed

by arlington750 In reply to OS: Windows XP SP3

I believe we found the answer to my user's problem. The next time he was notified that his connection had been lost, I was able to go see what exactly was happening. There was an error when reconnecting indicating that one of the files was unable to be sync'd. The file was a document with ~$ on the front of it (i.e. ~$document.docx) like what appears when you have such a file is open. For whatever reason this file was still present, and it seems that it was the culprit. No reports of problems since it was deleted.

I suspect that the reason he was able to see part of the directory when he was disconnected was that the sync operation worked correctly until it reached the erroneous file and then stopped.

If the issue arises again I will post more details but I suspect this is case closed. Thanks for the input, all!

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Issue continues to arise.

by arlington750 In reply to Appears to be fixed

User is still seeing the same issue, but with different files. Still having a sync problem with Excel files that appear when the actual Excel document is open. User says it is always an Excel file in question. Could this be something related to Excel? Seems less likely, but possible?

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