Why Crystal Report Shows 12:59 instead of 13:00 on some computers?

By elyazzi ·
I am sending a recordset to crystal report 9 from vb6. the data in the dateTime Field in the recordset contain data 13:00 but in the preview of the crystal it shows 12:59 on some computers. is it related to some settings in the windows or settings of the report?

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Only thing I can think of is it's a rounding

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Why Crystal Report Shows ...

discrepancy. DateTime values are stored as doubles with the fractional part being the number of seconds since midnight.
Hard to say where this is going wrong, but checking the floating point value of the time at source and a good and bad destination might give you a clue.

Have a look for anything that's treating it as a single, also if anything is using variants, converts in them are local to each machine and depend on all sorts of dll ****.

Which is a point actually, a quick check for dll versions across good and bad machines might reveal a common denominator as well.

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Must be something in the report

by elyazzi In reply to Only thing I can think of ...

i open the report designer. when i browse the data it shows 13:00 but when i preview the report it become 12:59. the report contain to many formulas i dont know if its related. i cant find the issue. if i close and reopen its 13:00 again

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One thing is not the other

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Must be something in the ...

The routines to display the data in the browser won't be the same ones that build the report content.

Presumably you are passing a datetime to the report and then formatting in the report.

Try doing the format in the sql


It's not brill but it should give you a cue where to start looking.

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