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Why Cybersecurity Awareness Training Is Needed?

By technologyelevate ·
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We would like to share the information on Cybersecurity.

Human error is one of the main causes of data breaches. Whether it comes through choosing weak passwords or accidentally clicking on a phishing email, employees that aren’t aware of good cybersecurity practices can become a big liability. The problem that many companies in Brisbane, Sydney, and beyond face is how to handle cybersecurity awareness training in a way that engages their employees and isn’t just repeating the same information each time.

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Importance of cybersecurity awareness training for the employees

by pooja1588142131 In reply to Why Cybersecurity Awarene ...

The importance of providing cybersecurity awareness and training to your employees is that it helps to increase the chances of identifying a hack or attack before it is fully enacted, and it also minimizes the damage to your organization and reduces the cost of recovery.

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Cybersecurity Awarness

by jhask564 In reply to Why Cybersecurity Awarene ...

This is necessary to protect our data from hackers.

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Cyber Security Awareness for employees

by Pharaside In reply to Why Cybersecurity Awarene ...

The Makings of a Successful Cybersecurity Awareness Program

The requirement for data security, IP protection and privacy policies should align with a training program that showcases the importance each role has to play in preventing cyberattacks.

Educating employees on common threats is imperative in order to successfully fight against malicious intent. Additionally, a comprehensive cybersecurity awareness training program not only lowers risks of security threats… it frees up the IT department’s time by avoiding cybersecurity breaches. Where time would have been spent on the defense of an attack, they can instead devote time to an offensive strategy through Penetration Testing or multiple other proven methods in which to decrease Cybersecurity vulnerabilities and issues.

When contemplating a cybersecurity awareness training program, you may consider your industry and company size for start. Next, consider the following topics in your cyber resilience training program:

1. Passwords, Access Privileges, and Secure Network Connections

Ensure a portion of your cybersecurity awareness curriculum trains employees on basics regarding passwords, access privileges, and the need for secure network connections. Several employees do not understand the implications of an insecure network connection and weak passwords.

Integrate these topics into your training to help:

Email and password security best practices
Why weak passwords are high risk
Job role access privileges
2. Social Engineering and Phishing

Phishing and social engineering try to steal sensitive information via email, chat, fake websites or other means. They’re generally successful due to their disguise as coming from a trustworthy source. Users can easily be tricked into providing access to passwords, credit card details, data or other divulging information.

Integrate these topics into your training to help:

Identifying and countering phishing scams
Spotting fake or suspicious web pages and software
Recognizing social engineering
Social engineering risks

3. Security for Devices

More employees now use their own mobile devices or computers; after all, we are in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) era. As a result, there are more entry points for threats when using these devices to connect to company networks and when accessing corporate data. For this, they must understand mobile device protection and security best practices.

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Cyber Security Awareness in Key

by dtaylor7 In reply to Why Cybersecurity Awarene ...

Employees are the last line of defense against a robust cybersecurity program. Training and awareness cannot be taken lightly; just one click of a malware infected link by an unaware, uniformed, untrained employee could have a devastating impact to any organization.

Businesses cannot fully protect themselves today from cyberattacks.  All the more reason why awareness training being part of any cyber resilience program is so essential. We need to be vigilant ensuring employee are participating in regular, mandatory training and awareness programs in order for our infrastructure resilience to work as intended.

Cybercrime should be regarded as one of the greatest threats facing an organization's security worldwide. Is your organization effective in ensuring awareness training is a fundamental, essential piece to your resilience program?

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