why did excel reformat half the data cells to DATE format?

By BruceEckford ·
the workbook uses tables exported from Access, and the data is used to prepare graphic representations of the data. i had saved the .xslm file, rebooted my computer then reopened the workbook - about half of the data colums were reformatted to DATE format, both in the tables/worksheets exported from Access and on additional sheets where i bring the data from those tables so it is in a usable format for preparing graphs.

i am presently reformatting each cell to the correct format (about 3 hours so far), but since i don't know what caused it i don't have any confidence that it won't just do the same thing again.

any insight or assistance would be appreciated

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Access data reformatted as dates in Excel

by Al Kostiuk In reply to why did excel reformat ha ...

Excel does this a lot with pasted or imported data. If there is a value in a column of values that looks like a date, it will try and format all to dates. It's feature. :-)

The quick way to undo the formatting is to select the entire page and format to "General" format. The data underlaying the dates are interpreted as serial dates by excel, so setting the format back to general restores the numbers as they were exported.

I have not found a way to prevent this behaviour with imported data.

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