why did microsoft offer downgrades back to windows xp?

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what issues did microsoft vista have, that made microsoft offer downgrades back to xp?

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printers, scanners, cameras and a host of other

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devices that the device mfg decided not to create vista drivers for them.

HP is a good example. They decided that anything 3 years old or more was not worthy of creating Vista drivers and that the owners should buy new products.

Well many consumers & businesses basically thumbed their nose at spending a small fortune in capital money for new printers when their old ones, some recently purchased, worked just fine.

So Vista adoption was like Windows ME, not much. However, device mfgs like HP only needed to wait a while [year or two] as consumers & businesses began retiring old printers and scanners [planned breakdown like Detroit] and buying new. Those new ones happen to work with Vista vis a vis Windows 7.

So with Windows 7, consumers and businesses don't have to worry about having a printer or scanner that wouldn't work.

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Well the simple answer is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to why did microsoft offer d ...

M$ offered Upgrades to Windows XP Pro for business who buys new computers so that they can sell their New OS which currently the Business doesn't want.

M$ figured out back when they released XP that selling 2 OS's against each other caused the existing one to outsell the new one and the sales figures for their new offerings to suffer. As a result their Share Price suffered and the Market lost confidence in the new offering.

Since the first of the XP Days M$ will never sell 2 competing OS's again so instead they offer Upgrade Rights on certain versions of their OS's so that those who want to continue using the Older Proven and more importantly Known OS can without the need to buy the Old OS loaded on new hardware.

Currently with new systems that I sell I'm still providing XP as the OS of choice and if I didn't supply them that way I would not be selling any at all.

Home users are not quite so important as they can accept new hardware and associated peripherals where as business who may have some expensive referrals will not accept needing to buy a new 45K network Printer just so that they can use a $1,000.00 new system. To business it's a No Brainier what they require as why would they replace a single Network Printer to work with one new system when they could buy 45 of those systems for the cost of the network Printer?


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