Why do I get this message and how do I fix??

By cdwright1 ·
I have an Acer Aspire 3680 with OS upgrade Windows7 Ultimate. It's how I got it and it ran fine.
It seems to have started this nonsense after I installed iobit's Advanced System care free ver. To try a quick fix I updated my IE8 to IE9 but same result. I even uninstall/reinstalled iobit.
It seems to only do this after I close out, mostly when I have more than one tab running; like if I close out of one tab to browse another. It doesn't automatically close out all my browsers. It leaves them open and operable, thankfully.
Do I need to re-register my dll's? or can I turn off that message somehow?
Advanced Stsem Care's registry cleaner did not fix this, by the way!
Thank you, CDWright

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What message?

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Why do I get this message ...

It's more than difficult for us to offer advice about why you get 'that message' and how to fix it if we don't know what the message is...

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Telling us the Error Message would help no end

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why do I get this message ...

But I'm assuming that you are having some sort of Issue with IE.

When you installed ASC what did you run?

Did you allow the Installer to check the system for errors and make changes?

But without knowing what has been done here or what is being reported as wrong it's impossible to offer any more advice other than Use the Recovery Set to Rebuild the system.

Being an Acer it's likely to format the HDD so if you have any Data involved on the HDD you should Backup this before starting the Rebuild Process.


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I'd suggest you uninstall

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Why do I get this message ...

that is, uninstall the IOBit Advanced System Care free ver, then restore to a time prior to installing that.

Whatever it does, you don't need it, or if you need it, you can find another source for that service.

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Well from my experience

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I'd suggest you uninstall

Advanced System Care works OK on Home systems and it makes it easy to scan the thing.

But since they started wanting you to do an On Line Scan before you can download the new version I've stopped using it or supporting it for my few Home Users.


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Probably found

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Well from my experience

cookies from a "free tibet" charity and decided to pull the plug on him

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by cdwright1 In reply to Why do I get this message ...

Internet explorer has encountered an error and needs to shut down (Or close?)No error code-
Sorry, in my haste to poste, I never re-read my entry, neglecting to disclose the message!!!

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It's unstable...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Sorry, THE MESSAGE IS>>>

try using a different browser, I hear firefox is popular.

Finding the problem can be difficult, if you have plug-ins you could uninstall them, see if that helps. Or you can reinstall the browser itself. Might work.

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No-addons mode.

by seanferd In reply to It's unstable...

I believe that is what the IE safe-mode is called. Try that.

Then try a repair install if that doesn't help.

If this is IE9, get rid of it. It's in beta for a reason.

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And keep everything updated

by AnsuGisalas In reply to No-addons mode.

PSI helps :;leftCol

And, of course, there really could be a malware problem. "The obvious, no matter how tedious, may apply" aka Occam's Shaving Brush.

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by cdwright1 In reply to No-addons mode.

About IE; Noticed problem with my original IE version. Updated to 9BETA hoping to wipe out the issue.
Tried Firefox/Mozilla but AdvancedSearchBar (Which unfortunately is Just for IE.) Is SUCH a convenient tool that I find working on my computers without it to be a hindering/restricting INCONVENIENCE! I wish they (Or somebody) would make a similar version for all the top web browsers.
I might have read somewhere- maybe when I Googled it.. something about Windows 7 not working well with add-ons... I know which add-on started this (iObit). If that's the only issue, then I'll live with it rather than give up my toys, I mean TOOLS!
Can you clarify exactly to me what BETA is? When I grew up there were Atari games and Beta games; Atari was better than Beta and both became obsolete.
Until recently I thought Beta software was meant for some mysterious Beta OS.. Now I'm thinking that BETA is PC lingo for: Experimental or demo..
Is that right?
And for the record, I'm not having any IE9 issues, just an add-on based IE issue that I've decided to live with (Rather than live without...) BUT I will take your advice about IE9 into serious consideration should I develop any more issues...

Thank you,

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