Why do I have to delete and reload Silverlight constantly on Windows 7

By kirk227 ·
I subscribe to Netflix and watch a lot of streaming video movies. Lately it periodically tells me I must have Silverlight to display the movies. Since I already have it I don't know why.

There's a direct link to the download, but even though the link works, it doesn't solve the issue. Netflix is aware of the issue but has no solution.

I have to uninstall Silverlight and reinstall it to use it again. Netflix says other callers with this issue can't even get it to work again at all.

The oddest part is if I use XP it doesn't have this problem, only on Windows 7.

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RE: The oddest part is if I use XP it doesn't have this problem

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why do I have to delete a ...

Well just the obvious M$ has not as yet completed coding Silverlight for their New OS.

They have used the XP Version with Modifications for Firstly Vista and then latter 7 and are yet to work out all of the bugs.

Remember that M$ doesn't produce great software just software that will do the job for most people. In other words Close Enough is Good Enough.

So when their newly released products don't work quite right it's not surprising. However what is surprising is just how well it does work with most people.

Remember as my desk calender said MICROSOFT is really an acronym which is really built up of the following.


Just be glad that you can get it to work you are much better off then most of the others who are Netflix customers running 7.

Windows 7 is very new and they are still fixing problems in the coding where as XP has had 7 or more years development and is pretty much working as well as it's going to. But if this is any help to you XP was far worse at this stage of it's development cycle than 7 currently is.


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