Why do I have to install program to learn more about it?

By radar_z ·
TR has made a huge change to its presentation of new programs. Instead of clicking on a learn more or read more hot spot and getting a pdf file showing me more information about a program, I get a program I have to install. There is no choice to learn some details of the program without installing a program. Constantly installing and uninstalling programs is what leads to slow computers over the years. This is due in part because uninstalling these programs is often incomplete leaving dlls and registry entries in place after the program is supposedly removed.

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by ARandomPenguin In reply to Why do I have to install ...

okay first, if you're worried about left over files then there are third party Un-installers out there. (like Revo uninstaller pro for instance).
and as for constantly installing and un-installing you could just use Google to get your own back ground on the programs before installing it, no need to reply on the TR community 100%. however inconvenient this change might be it might just mean that they now have more time to develop other parts of the site.

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Good idea

by radar_z In reply to Why do I have to install ...

Thanks for the suggestion. Usually I turn to Google, but for some reason I have not thought about it much on TR where I look to it to explain more than just a basic comment.

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Vebdors Sight

by TheChas In reply to Why do I have to install ...

As most if not all of the software that TR has in the downloads section is supplied by the author / vendor, the best way to find out more about the software is to go directly to the Author or vendors page and see what information they have available.

Or, perhaps TR can promote peer reviews and rating of the posted software so that users can have some idea if the software is of value to them. Perhaps a monthly TR "swag" prize for the most helpful or most detailed reviews.


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