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Why do I need a subject?

By 666zd666 ·
"OS 10.2.7 update that physically broke many models of Firewire drives"??? Not only do I not remember that, I don't believe it at all. Do you care to make any legitimate reference to a news story about that? This smacks of shameless rumor repetition. You can offer a retraction if you really meant to say "caused some Firewire drives not to mount". That's a far cry from "physically broke".

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RE:- Why do I need a subject?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Why do I need a subject?

Well I suppose the easy answer is so that some people who come along latter have some small idea of What the Hell You are on about.

As things stand you appear to be calling someone out for claiming that some form of Updatte to what appears to be some sort of Apple OS broke Firewire drives which is a common description for when an Update stops things working.

Did it happen I have no idea but at least I acknowledge that it's a posibility and no matter what else the description of "OS 10.2.7 update that physically broke many models of Firewire drives" is at the very least a possibility.

generally however when someone wants to start a Flame War they link to the Post that they are replying to so that

A the person that they are responding to sees what they have to say.

B Others who see a new thread appear have some idea of What The Hell you are on About.

As things currently stand you look like an idiot which may or may not be justified. Of course if you prefer to post unlinked comments you will be considered as an Idiot and ignored.


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