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Why do I need to return to my home country after studying abroad

By leyzinsmail ·
Hi everyone, I intend sudying Information Technology Management in a western country. I would really want to know why I should return to my home country after my studies abroad? I am from a fast developing african country with high prospects.


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by BFilmFan In reply to Why do I need to return t ...

Depends on the immigration laws of the country in which you are studying.

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by jdclyde In reply to Why do I need to return t ...

Because it is a different process to apply for citizenship than it is to apply for a student visa.

Want to stay where ever you study at? Got to file the proper paperwork.

good luck.

Although, if your country has high prospects, you might advance more quickly there?

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by G... In reply to Why do I need to return t ...

I'm actually studying abroad and I will stay here after finished but each country have special rules.
In the most european countries, you need to have a "reason" to stay. When you're studying, it's quite obvious... But when finished, you need a new one. It goes from family (got married, have children,...) to getting a job and many others.
There are also the problems of the european plans. If you're going to school through an european plan for education, it says that you have to do it through a school in your country of origin so you'll have to go back to your original school to have your graduation.

Anyway you'll have to check the local laws in that matter.

Hope it helped.

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Just give you idea!

by su mon In reply to Why do I need to return t ...

of course,you should go back because it is your mother country.You must good things for your country.You will be a foreman for your generation ,your country,and your country's new generation.So,your country will be a great country like US,UK .Okay?Your country will need like you who are studying in abroad. When all come back ,your country will be great great.I know my country need many many educated youths.Because you know,a country's future is its youths' hands,right?So you should go back to your mother country.Thanks you very much!! My gamil is will waiting your reply.

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