why do i recieve the techrepublic emails 4 times on outlook2003

By andy ·
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On both my work and home pc I receive all the emails from techrepublic 4 times.All my other emails are received ok. Andy ideas why?

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Here's an Andy idea for you ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to why do i recieve the tech ...

Maybe you've signed up more than once?

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by andy In reply to Here's an Andy idea for y ...

how could I check?

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re: checking

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to maybe

On each email, it should show which email address it is being sent to.

Since, as far as I know, you can only use an email address one time to create an account at TR, perhaps you've signed up with a total of 4 different email addresses and you've got at least 3 of them being forwarded to your primary email address. Or, perhaps, 3 of the email addresses you've provided are only aliases for your primary address?

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will check

by andy In reply to re: checking

I am waiting for todays output from techrep to check.I normally only use one email address, but will check.

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You can check your TR Newsletters

by OnTheRopes In reply to maybe

by going to the My Newsletters link on the upper right of any page.

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not sure

by andy In reply to You can check your TR New ...

this will only show me the newsletters that I am subscribed to.

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this is happening to me also

by JADavis9 In reply to why do i recieve the tech ...

I came on here today to ask a similar question - why do I get 2 emails at the same time daily from TechRepublic? And when I came to the site by clicking the link in one of my emails (they look different - I'll explain that later in this message) it came to a page with the question that I asked yesterday that was the link in the email I got. So I clicked the tiny Q&A link up in the top left corner above the word Question and then on the new page I clicked on Post A Question - Ask The TR Community.I typed in the Question Title box "I am getting two copies of each daily alert from TechRepublic" and then the TechRepublic system said that "Your question may be similar to" and this question was listed at the top of the list, so I clicked on it.Anyway, the 2 emails that I get at the same gMail address are from the only account that I have set up with Tech Republic (I am sure). What is very confusing is that they are in different formats that appear diifferently in my Outlook 2003 but they are answering the same stuff, but not all on both.

One is HTML looking and says:
What to do with MSO97v.dll was not found?
Alerts for from
Unsubscribe | Edit my Alert Question -
What to do with MSO97v.dll was not found?I'm still hoping someone can help me to make this CD playPosted by JADavis9 | 01/24/2011 @ 01:09 PM (PST) Clean disc/fix scratchesPosted by ultimitloozer@... | 01/25/2011 @ 12:21 AM (PST)

The other email is plain-text looking and says:
===== TechRepublic Alerts ===== (blank lines removed)
1. Discussion - What to do with MSO97v.dll was not found? ( --I'm still hoping someone can help me to make this CD play-- by JADavis9 | 01/24/2011 @ 01:09 PM (PST) --Clean disc/fix scratches-- by ultimitloozer@... | 01/25/2011 @ 12:21 AM (PST) 2. Discussion - I'm not likin it yet?

**************** and then a lot more info about #2 discussion and my other discussions and then at the bottom of the email:

Manage your alerts: Unsubscribe from this alert: Unsubscribe from all alerts:

So why am I getting these 2 similar but different emails from the TECHREPUBLIC system at the same time? Perhaps there is some setting in my gMail account settings that causes this? I doubt that is the cause since these emails look so different! But I gotta tell you that in my gMail account settings, in Forwarding And POP/IMAP, I have it set in IMAP Access: that Status: IMAP is enabled. Should I disable it by checking Disable IMAP? I don't think that I really need IMAP enabled as I only access my gMail thru this pc and not on a cell phone and I think that is what IMAP is for. By the way, I did just check the box down below here that says Alert Me When New Comments Are Made before I clicked Add Your Opinion. But I only seem to get a daily alert and I never seem to get an alert right when a new comment is made, so that seems a bit confusing as I would think that checking that box would tell the TechRepublic system to alert me immediately when someone adds an opinion. Confusing to me, but oh well .... I have a more important issue to solve. I'm not sure if I always have checked that box and I don't really know if it matters anyway. Does it?
And why does it say Answer The Question when I just post my question and it displays it? How weird!

Oh well, my prime concern is this "2 different looking similar alerts emails" issue!

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by JADavis9 In reply to why do i recieve the tech ...

I just had the settings for my Questions set wrongly. I fixed them by clicking on my name in the upper right and going to My Input and clicking on Manage Your Newsletters in the pop up and then clicking on Alerts in the left column and setting and saving immediately each one to Combined, HTML and Hourly and saving each one immediately. You can't just change them all and then save the whole list! I found that out the hard way.
WOW! I only got one email today and it was HTML and they are all on there!
So, someone please tell me ... do I need to make sure to always check that box below to Alert Me When New Comments Are Made? Or if I was the guy who originally posted this question, will I always get an Alert for and Comments/Answers even if I didn't remember to check it?

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