Why do I see Response To Answer in My Stuff > My Questions? And can we alter how we find My Stuff?

By JADavis9 ·
This has me confused. Maybe I'm just too dumb to be here? But I see these things titled Response To Answer in the My Stuff > My Questions section after I click my name and wait for the second pop up window and click Manage My Newsletters (bad system!) and they seem to be just duplicates of the item that is shown right below it. Same # of posts but a slightly different time, by minutes. So is this a Response that someone else has posted? If I click the Response To Answer link it just dumps me at the top of the Question and not at the Response (I guess?) and the time shown with that Response To Answer link looks like it is displayed in the 24 hour format since I see times like 13:30:22 and yet when I click the link and am taken to the Question and scroll down to find 13:30:22 I see that there is one since all of the times are displayed in 12 hour format like 6:57 PM (PST) so there would be no 13th hour. I look and I can't even find one that is shown as 1:30 PM (PST) which I think is the same as 13:30?
I'm so lost that it feels pathetic. What am I doing wrong? And can't we make an easier way to get to My Questions directly after we log in?

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