WHY do I suddenly have a Quantum Mouse?

In the last two days my mouse has begun to disappear at random. I can be typing in Notepad and suddenly there's not even a blinking cursor; a movement of the mouse reveals an arrow with the hourglass, and then the program responds again. Happens in Outlook, happens in Word, in Photoshop, and in gamees it's worse, as the game will freeze in its current action, for instance if while walking the character just keeps on walking and all control is gone, and CTRL-ALT-DEL causes the desktop to go Quantum, blinking in and out in random places. I have not installed any software in the last few days. I (it JUST HAPPENED AGAIN!) did re-install Micrografix's Picture Publisher a few days ago, and I uninstalled a trial of Network Magic (not really a free program it turns out), but that's all. I checked the mouse driver (miMicro optical mouse std connection)and all other devices/drivers are fine, except an old SM bus controller issue I've had for over a year; I even took the whole pc apart and cleaned it, even to the point of re-installing the CPU with new goop and a thorough cleaning; I re-seated all cards and connections. What's running in the background? Advanced Windows Care Pro 2.0, Charter F-Secure virus protection and a simple mouse control program. That's it.
Dos anyone have any suggestions or directions for further investigation? It's making the pc practically useless. Thanks.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to WHY do I suddenly have a ...


First run anti everything software, turn off SYSTEM RESTORE then re boot into safe mode and run your anti XXX programs.

Try a different mouse.


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also tried...

by deICERAY In reply to Well!!!!

I failed to mention that I tried 4 different keyboards, and three mouses, with the same resulting condition. (I think MS saw my negative posts elsewhere on Vista and sent me a 'gift'...) I reinstalled the video drivers as well, I am running anti-everything software and checked the registry and device manager. I have not yet tried your safe mode idea, which I will do tomorrow. Thanks for your help!

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not much progress

by deICERAY In reply to also tried...

While trying to diagnose this problem I had several windows opened at once and suddenly all windows would go to inactive status and the cursor/pointer disappears. I've tried taking all background prgs out, I've made sure no program has an always-on-top feature turned on, and sat and watched the processes window in task manager. There is a 20k spike when it happens, but only briefly. I've run all the scanning and spyware and detection stuff I can, I've cleaned and compacted the registry, but the problem persists. It happened twice while I was typing this message. ...arg.

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***S O L U T I O N! ***

by deICERAY In reply to not much progress

After noticing the CD drive light going on at random times, I decided to uninstall my virus protection suite by F-Secure, provided by, and VOILA! End of problem. What was it? PWSteal-b had installed itself on THREE programs! This was totally missed by the security suite, but FOUND AND FIXED by installing Avast Home EDition Anti-virus software! So much for F-Secure.
It's nice to have a Newtonian cursor that behaves as it should again.
Moral: all anti-virus programs are not created equal (or updated equally either!)

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