Why do my Internet Explorer Favorites disappear after a few seconds?

By ds888 ·
When I save a website to my favorites in Internet Explorer after a few seconds it disappears. I am running XP Pro SP3 with IE 7 on a HP Compaq 8710w.

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You can try this out and see if it works....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Why do my Internet Explor ...

Click on the Start button and in the Start Search box type: Favorites
The Favorites folder icon should then appear at the top of the Start Menu.

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Thanks for your reply but....

by ds888 In reply to You can try this out and ...

Thanks for the reply but the problem is not accessing the list. The list is available and has a few of me favorites on it. However, when I attempt to add a new favorite I select Favorites/Add to Favorites... and the dialog box appears to select the folder to create the favorite in. After doing so and selecting Add. If I then select Favorites it will appear in the list for a few seconds and then disappear/be deleted automatically.

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by TechRabbit In reply to Thanks for your reply but ...

I'm having the same issue - I can add a Favorite in IE, but it disappears after just a couple of seconds. Anyone have any idea how to stop this?

Running XP SP2 and IE8; Uninstalled back to IE6, then upgraded to IE7, then again up to IE8 and the problem persisted each step of the way.

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Potential Solution

by IC-IT In reply to Why do my Internet Explor ...

Shamlessly copied from;

IE's favorites disappear
It happened to me several times now, that when working with IE my favorites suddenly disappear. The solution to this is very simple, but I keep forgetting it so I decided to write it down.

The problem with the disappearing favorites is, is that either the value type in the Registry is wrong, somehow REG_EXPAND_SZ was changed to REG_SZ which causes the variable %USERPROFILE% not te be expanded, or the value itself was changed to C:\WINDOWS\FAVORITES. In both cases, it resulted in an empty favorites menu in IE. Which is very annoying.

Here's the solution.

Open the Registry Editor (Start | Run | regedt32.exe or regedit).
Browse to the key: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVerion\Explorer\User Shell Folders.
Look up the value: Favorites.
If it's value type is not REG_EXPAND_SZ, delete the value and re-create it (type REG_EXPAND_SZ).
Now make sure the value Favorites has as content: %USERPROFILE%\Favorites.
Close the Registry Editor.

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No Dice.

by TechRabbit In reply to Potential Solution

I checked Shell Folder settings, and that is not the issue; they are set correctly. This is really stumping me.

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