Why do some IT Projects Fail? Discuss

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Why do most IT projects fail today when there are a lot of solutions on the market. It seems most project leaders do not understand their business and they rush to implement IT solutions that do not work. This is normally due to lack of proper feasibility study. Most systems that are selected, will be addressing say 60% of the functional requirements of the organisation. A lot of customisations have to be made which will result in some functionalities being compromised due to high costs of customisation. The other thing is not enough work is being done in selecting the software vendor. In some companies, there are no laid down procedures to be followed in shortlisting a vendor. If one is selected, there is no site inspection, where the company has done a similar implementation. Only to realise that the company does not have the capacity to handle the project. The major problem is with top management. there is lack of corporate governance. Tenders being given to their companies and colleagues' that do not have the capacity to deliver.

So can I hear your contributions to this topic??

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One answer,

by seanferd In reply to Why do some IT Projects F ...

is in your first sentence: <i>Why do most IT projects fail today when there are a lot of solutions on the market.</i> Because someone is looking at vendor solutions first instead of fully defining needs first. Or, heaven forbid, someone has taken a pet interest in some product, and just wants to wedge it into the business, and the project is then to find out what you are actually going to use it for.

Also, procedures, when in place, can still be ignored. :0

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They can be ignored

by NexS In reply to One answer,

Just like questions, such as this, which come from homework sheets.

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It will be quicker to look at why

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Why do some IT Projects F ...

some projects succeed. Less of them...

Why are there a lot of solutions on the market, because there are so many ways you can do something, Which one...

While project leaders do on occasion fail to understand business need, it's far more likely that business doesn't understand it's needs, doesn't understand how the IT choices will impact them, and completely forgets that those needs will change over time and through actually implementing some IT...

Feasibility study, please! The business has usually already made the choice, it's IT's job to make the choice work.

Selecting a vendor, which one bought you the best lunch? Which one promised it cheapest / quickest, which one your nephew works for. Which one did Gartner mention last week.
Don't make me laugh, it's got naff all to do with technical prowess.

Similar implementation...
You talked about the issues with customisation, then you come up that mirage. It's the differences that will trip you up, especially if you want one that the developers never thought of.

Have to rember that IT is no longer some bolt on optional extra, it's endemic and systemic. Changing part of it without impacting something else is near impossible, without meaning to, is horribly often....

Why do they fail?

In a nutshell it's because people choose to ignore the fundamental of IT.

Change is a given.

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